Your words are your wand

Do you really listen to your words?

Words are so powerful.  They create and manifest things in your life (see my recent blog “Everything comes from a thought”.) They even help things along that you don’t want.  They create and continue the resistance.

Words are subtle, they pervade the corners of our life, they travel on the wind.   What do I mean by that?

I want you to think about any blockage or resistance you have in your life currently?  I am sure you have read or heard about, just the say that positive affirmation about that blockages and it will change.

It might change a bit, but the for the really hidden blockages in your life, you need to listen a little deeper.

We operate in many different contexts in our lives.  Some of the key contexts are: love (family relationships etc), career, purpose (we are doing something that’s important) and freedom (security, money etc).

Words that pervade the corners of our lives can create the resistance because, we say things in one context and they flow over into other areas of our lives or other contexts. Let me give you an example.

I met a friend yesterday.  She is creative and paints.  Her words to me yesterday were that she “just cant get into a creative space at home”.  Her long term blockage is about having a family and she has tried everything (or has she?)

Lets consider the words –

“I just cant get into a creative space at home”

This was about painting and it was also about having a baby.  To have a baby is an act of creation and your body is your home.

The original intention of the statement wasn’t about a baby, but our words can pervade other contexts of our lives and continue to maintain a blockage where we don’t need it.

With awareness of your words, you can have more of an effect on your life than you realize. So use your words as a wand.

Love and happiness to you all

Tracy xx

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