Why do you throw up when you are in your power?

Imagine this, every time you stepped into your personal power, there you are, pulling your hair back and throwing up in inappropriate places and times!

How is this being in your power?

Lost in life

At times on this personal spiritual journey we can get lost, because there isn’t a road map.  No one gave you clear instructions on what to do and where to go.

So what you do you need to know?  The answers to these questions will help:

  • What are we here to do?
  • How will you know if you are on the right path?
  • How will you know when you get there?

We find out what we are here to do, when we begin to realise what makes us happy and brings joy to our lives.   Then, everything flows around us when we are doing it.  We each have a spiritual purpose, a reason why we are here.  That spiritual purpose will bring us great joy.

Joy and happiness

As you begin to open spiritually, your energy changes in your body.   You let go of the negative self talk, people that you don’t resonate with anymore leave your life and you begin to choose what is right for you. That can be daunting because the things that are right for you now, were never right for you in the past!!!  It can be confusing.

Then along the path one day, without you even realising, you truly step in your power, the what and why you are here.  You may not have done anything differently than normal, but you are different, you feel different, you act differently, you think differently and there is a pure flow of energy about you.

Personal power

This is the point where an old small part of you, can become overwhelmed and says “get out”.  That small part of you tries to purge the powerful you.  In some cases this really does happen and you do throw up!

Excitingly, although it doesn’t feel like it at the time,  this is the point where you are truly you.  This is what you are meant to be doing, thinking and feeling.

Ask the part of you that is trying to purge the rest of you, what is it trying to protect? It might be because it was scared, it didn’t want you to get hurt or it wanted you to be just like everyone else.    Reconcile with that aspect of you that is fighting this and be who you are?

People used to ask you when you were young – “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Be who you are

You, should have been the answer!

Enjoy the journey Tracy xx

10 thoughts on “Why do you throw up when you are in your power?

  1. Tracy, thank you for this great post. I still feel like I am so far off being in my power but I know I’m getting there. I’m happy to avoid the vomit if it’s all the same. LOL. I love the photo of you looking so full of peace and joy.

    • Hey Shannyn, Thank you. Its great not to vomit, but you may get an overwhelming sense of something that is uncomfortable. The picture of me is at Fingal where I love to be.

  2. Oh Tracy, Tracy……the thing with the vomiting and nausea is that it pops up so unexpectedly just like everything else on this spiritual journey. Got to laugh, the spiritual world I have decided has an incredible sense of humour!

  3. Tracy I am loving the sharing and especially the photo of you being so Vibrant. That uncomfortable feeling reminds me of wiggling out of a cocoon, layers at a time. A corridor of cocoons some times!. Out of one and into another. The amount of clearing and cleaning of my home the past few months have really exemplified the enormous changes going on within, I am acknowledging and appreciating each breath of this precious journey down here on Terra. I am sure I understand the Abundance of (perceived) Lack and am now moving into Abundance of Having it ALL so I can share more. Amen. I trust I used the word ‘exemplify’ in the right context.

    • Thanks Vicki, I am not the English expert. It is like wiggling out of the cocoon. I am excited about your journey within and the coming out the other side. xx

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