When do your underpants become a luxury?

I travel to Abu Dhabi quite a lot to work.  I always take my work in my carry on luggage so that if there is a problem I will always be able to do my job.  I have the most important ‘need’ with me.

Image by http://netdna.copyblogger.com/images/underpants.jpg

Image by http://netdna.copyblogger.com/images/underpants.jpg

This journey my suitcase didn’t make it to Abu Dhabi with me.  The workshop I was conducting would be fine, I just ‘needed’ to buy some clothes to wear to work, toothbrush and underpants.  Just my basic ‘needs.’  The morning of work I rang the airline and my bag had been sent back to Brisbane not onto Abu Dhabi and would take another day to get here.  Oh dear….I thought.  I would have to buy another outfit and underpants for the next day.

Nomadic tribal people only carry what they ‘need’.  This is a great lesson I had already learnt, it is about letting go of stuff that you don’t ‘need’ in life that doesn’t serve any purpose.  It allows you to live a simple life.

I have understood the lesson between needs verses wants in the past too, but this lesson went deeper this time.  This time, I realised my underpants were a luxury!

To my surprise when I returned home from work on my first day my bag had arrived.  It was like a long lost friend that had come back into my life. I had so many things to choose from.  I was so happy, I even changed my clothes.

I realised that my ‘needs’ were in fact the luxuries of my life, they gave me a feeling of abundance and I had great appreciation for all that I have.

Image by http://postmediacanada.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/first-class.jpg

Image by http://postmediacanada.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/first-class.jpg

I also realised that my thoughts about ‘wanting’ to fly business class on my long haul flight home were ludicrous.  As long as my ‘needs’ are met, I am abundant, in the flow of life.

Do you really appreciate what you ‘need’, do you see it as a luxury in your life?

Only when everything is taken away can we really appreciate the true essence of our ‘needs’ as our life’s luxuries.

Taking only that which I need……Tracy x

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