When do you really commit?

Commitment is an interesting word.  When does your commitment to something really begin?

CommittmentDoes it begin when you purchase something?

Does it begin when you decide to do something?

Or does it begin by just setting your intention?

It actually begins when you start to value the thing you have committed to.

value-of-something-Money can place a value on something, be it $100 or $100,000, but does money really value something?

Do you value your opinion?

Do you value your choices?

We value our choices when it is right for the whole of us, our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

commitmentWhen you truly commit to something is means it is right for the whole of you.

So think about true commitment the next time you want to purchase something or choose to do something, ask is it right for the whole of you?  If it is, then you will have true commitment to it.

Committed to living an authentic life.  Tracy xx

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