What ship is your relationship on?

Relationships are funny, we are in them from birth and have no choice.  Initially we are someone’s child, then maybe a sister or brother and even a cousin.  Then as life goes on, we move into other types of relationships that of a, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, partner, spouse, parent and maybe even divorced or separated.

Your relation SHIPS

Your relation SHIPS

Some of these relationships are easy to sail upon.  They are meant to be life long.  Some happen for a period of time or for a lesson.   Some relationships just happen in passing.

How do we determine the difference?

Relationships that are meant to last, are with people you are meant to connect with, they take the time for you and you for them.

When a relationship becomes difficult, one way or they don’t speak to you anymore, it means that these relationships are not meant to be or are finished with. They are the lesson relationships or passing relationships.

Pulling the relation SHIP

Pulling the relation SHIP

Sometimes we want to hang on to those difficult relationships, because we thought we were friends, or because we don’t want to face up to the reality of the situation, that the relationship is over.  The more we try and hang on, the more it can feel like dragging the ship backwards against the current.

Now is the time to be honest with yourself and let go of those relationships that are over and begin the smooth sailing of your life.

Plain sailing relation SHIPS

Plain sailing relation SHIPS

And remember, connect with the people who want to connect with you, you will know who those people are.

Connecting Tracy x

6 thoughts on “What ship is your relationship on?

  1. i was going to quote a friend’s profound quote, but after trying three times it just didn’t flow, so i’ll just send a hug instead – i hope it all flows smoothly! sx

    • Thanks Sarah, relationships are always interesting. I hope all people have clarity around their relationships now.

  2. Love the photos you have used to make your points. Some interesting points to reflect on during our life journeys. Mx

  3. I was just browsing this morning, catching up on some of your posts. This one has really resonated with me… I think I need to go and re-read it another couple of times to make sure it sinks in completely to my mind!

    I do love reading what you write, and I am also loving my drum!!

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