To be or not to be – disempowered – that is the question!

Balance is one of the keys to a happy healthy life no matter what you are doing.

It is said that in order to know something you must experience the opposite of it, in order to know and understand what it actually is. So to be balanced, you must experience being, out of balance.

One of the key aspects within us that helps us be in and out of balance are our masculine and feminine energies. People who are driven, active, logical and goal focused have strong masculine energies. People who are passive, inactive, emotional, be in the present moment have strong feminine energies.  Both are vital in a balanced life.  Sometimes going slower is actually going faster in life.

For one who likes to get things going, moving forward, going slower or even being stopped is frustrating for me.  I have strong masculine energy and I like that about me, it has served me well throughout my life, or has it?

Recently my husband and I went camping at the beach.  It was beautiful, time to get a away, rest, rejuveniate, catch up with nature, water, plants, watch the birds, and collect rocks and shells etc. One day I got sick.  I spent the whole day in bed in the tent.  Good thing it was cold weather.  I came away feeling like I wasted the day, but did I really waste the day?

Have you ever heard of the principle of polarity (Hermetic principles)?  It states, everything has an opposite.   For example: black and white, success and failure, love and fear, even male and female.  A practical example of the principle of polarity is the sea tide.   High tide the water is in and at low tide the water is out.  The common theme here is the water  – you.  If we relate this principle of polarity to you, in order to experience your strengths or your light aspects, you must know your areas of development or the dark aspects of yourself.

As I journeyed through being unbalanced whilst away camping.  I realized that by sitting doing nothing I was feeling, I was experiencing feminine energy big time. This was uncomfortable for me, it is not my usual way of operating, I usually run from this.   I was feeling what was going on in the present moment.  What it gave me was a perspective and empathy for others who know only this state of being.  There was power in exploring it, understanding it, recognizing it, learning and evolving in it.

I used to believe that sitting in emotional states that were not useful for you and not doing anything about it, was disempowering.  I was wrong, I found that this was an empowering experience.

My old way of behaving using masculine energy to drive me would have been similar to, dipping my toe in the emotion, recognizing what was going on, clearing the emotion, push through it and get up and out of bed.

I used to believe that dealing with feelings and moving on, was a more empowering way of living my life.   I now recognise that this way of operating for me, was disempowering because I wasnt allowing myself to experience the polarity of the emotion or situation.  To experience the low and high tide of any situation allows you freedom and wholeness.

Through denying one aspect of the polarity of your life, you disempower yourself. To be balanced in our lives means we need to move between the active masculine states of being and passive feminine states of being, to gain to empowerment and wholeness in our lives.

So live, see both ends of the spectrum.   Be the water, flow with your masculine and feminine energies wherever they take you.

To be and not be – empowered.   That is question and the answer!

Tracy xx


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