Much ado about nothing

Sometimes in my life I can stress about silly things.

  • Did I do the right thing?
  • Did I park in the right spot?
  • Should I move my car?
  • Will my car get a ticket?

Parking within the lines

I am not much of rule breaker, so it is important that I pay for parking and park within the lines in life.

Do you stress over silly things?  Usually after the situation is over, you will look back and see that your stressing was such a waste of time.  But why was it so important at the time?


It is important because you want things like:

  • To be safe
  • Not get hurt
  • Not break the rules
  • Hurt someone’s feelings
  • Do the right thing

What all this stress is doing to you, is churning you up on the inside.  It certainly does that to me.

My suggestion is ask yourself these two questions when you are stressed:

  • Does it really matter now?
  • After it is all over, will you be worried anymore?
If your answers to these questions are NO then….

Let it go

LET IT GO now and enjoy what you are doing.

Enjoy your life now, because there is much to do about everything else.

Tracy xx


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