Managing your energy – see the pictures of your life

I have had quite a busy period and this morning after all the rush and bubble was over, I took stock of how I was feeling.  What was my energy really doing?

I felt like a kettle that had been boiling for days and days.  As we know, a kettle will boil dry and eventually not work anymore if it is on constant boil.  This was not comfortable energy I was in and not useful for me wholistically.   I needed to relax and switch off my kettle and enjoy the cup of tea.

Quite often when we find ourselves in situations that are draining, we will blame our partner, family, work, the busy period of life etc.  No one is to blame.  These are just your reactions to life.

Many tribal people used stories as away of imparting wisdom, seeing the truth and new choices in a situation. Within the stories were archetypes and behaviours we may recognize in ourselves.  There would also be answers on what to do, how to do things differently or to make different choices moving forward.

So as the Shaman in the city, I look for the ‘metaphors in situations’ or the ‘pictures in life’.

I had a friend call and say he was so busy, it was never ending and he was overwhelmed.  The metaphor I saw was: he was running marathon but at a sprinters pace.  So of course he was tired, exhausted and didn’t feel he would make it to the end.  As we chatted I  introduced this story of running the marathon at a sprinters pace,  there was an awareness of why he was feeling this way and an awareness of needing to slow down the pace.   Sometimes just having a new picture of the situation helps release energy in the body that is not useful.

So don’t boil your kettle endlessly.  See the picture, tell the story and let it go.

At times just a very small break out of the energy you have created is enough of a release to manage your energy.

Now off to enjoy that cup of tea on my balcony and breathe.

Tracy xx

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