Justify or just a fly

As we go through our lives we find that we can justify the situations we find ourselves in.  Explain away our behaviours and choices in a way that suits us.

We can justify why we did something.

We can justify why we made that choice.

We can justify how we are learning and growing.

We can justify how we take responsibility for things.

We can justify why we didn’t do something

Just a flyBut is it really just a fly?

Are we really seeing all perspectives of the situations and choices we make?

Yes, you can see what is going on from your perspective.

Yes, you see things from the other persons perspective.

And yes, you might even see it from an outsiders perspective.

Are they the only perspectives?

Alternate-PerspectivesHave you ever considered the perspective of you interacting with you?

man-looking-in-mirror-300x214Why is it we can say we are going to treat others well, whilst at the same time we treat ourselves poorly and we don’t even realise we are doing it.

We do this when we are in a state of incongurency.  What that means is, there are two of us, that are both trying to do the best for us.  We are in our own way, so we justify what we do. It can take a bit of digging to find both sides of your story.  Try it, its liberating and healing.

Listen, see and hear what is right for the whole of you the next time you hear yourself justifying a choice or behaviour and then think – just a fly – what is right for the whole of me.

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