Can you walk a path that is not there?

Sometimes on the journey of our lives, you may walk a path that has not been walked before.

Forge your own path

When you forge your own path, you decide where to go and you take those steps.

This is scary because the tried and tested path is easier.

Tried and tested path

Are you brave? Are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Are you brave?

When you forge your own path, you need to be brave and you must trust yourself.

But you may find you doubt yourself. You may find you are full of fear.

This path is rewarding.  You will achieve so much more and be so much more satisfied than you could every realise. When you forge your own path it could be as simple as:

  • Making your own clothes.
  • Living your life, not as your parent have done.
  • Working overseas.
  • Not knowing the outcome of what you are trying to achieve
  • Leaving your stable job

Be brave, forge your own path and you wont be disappointed if you do.

Being brave Tracy xx

4 thoughts on “Can you walk a path that is not there?

  1. In the last few days I’ve come to the realisation I have to try new things to keep my path interesting. I’ve signed up to do a mini workshop and hope to do more next year. The best part is, I am actually excited for the first time in ages.

  2. That was a very powerful message, thank you. Fear is one of my constant companions even when I feel I am on the right path. My outer persona and demeanor gives nothing of this away and I think my friends would be surprised. But there it is.

    • Thanks for sharing, sometimes when we acknowledge our fears they lessen. So pleased the blog was meaningful for you today. xx

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