Can you walk a path that is not there?

Sometimes on the journey of our lives, you may walk a path that has not been walked before.

Forge your own path

When you forge your own path, you decide where to go and you take those steps.

This is scary because the tried and tested path is easier.

Tried and tested path

Are you brave? Are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Are you brave?

When you forge your own path, you need to be brave and you must trust yourself.

But you may find you doubt yourself. You may find you are full of fear.

This path is rewarding.  You will achieve so much more and be so much more satisfied than you could every realise. When you forge your own path it could be as simple as:

  • Making your own clothes.
  • Living your life, not as your parent have done.
  • Working overseas.
  • Not knowing the outcome of what you are trying to achieve
  • Leaving your stable job

Be brave, forge your own path and you wont be disappointed if you do.

Being brave Tracy xx

Is time ever right?

Have you found that the timing in your life, is ever right?

Is the time ever right

If you get pregnant, you must wait 9 months generally before the baby is ready to be born.  The timing must be right.  You cannot bring it forward just because it suits you.

Some of us are impatient with our lives and we want things now.  Many of us have heard statements like:

  • “all in good time”
  • “everything is being divinely guided”
  • “everything is as should be”

All in good time or is it?

Sometimes we must wait

  • Wait to grow up.
  • Wait for others to grow up.
  • Wait for years to pass before people are ready to accept things.
  • Wait for the planets to line up and the stars to be in a certain orbit and the moon in a certain place, for things to fall into place.

Is the time ever right?

The time appears to be right in retrospect.  As we look back on our lives, we know that things happened as they should have.  We would not have been ready had those things happened earlier in our lives.

If time is right in retrospect, can we in this moment then see, the past, present and future all at the same time?

You can, if you trust.

If you trust that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing, right now, then the time is right.

Blindly trusting means the time is always right.

Trusting Tracy xx

Why do you throw up when you are in your power?

Imagine this, every time you stepped into your personal power, there you are, pulling your hair back and throwing up in inappropriate places and times!

How is this being in your power?

Lost in life

At times on this personal spiritual journey we can get lost, because there isn’t a road map.  No one gave you clear instructions on what to do and where to go.

So what you do you need to know?  The answers to these questions will help:

  • What are we here to do?
  • How will you know if you are on the right path?
  • How will you know when you get there?

We find out what we are here to do, when we begin to realise what makes us happy and brings joy to our lives.   Then, everything flows around us when we are doing it.  We each have a spiritual purpose, a reason why we are here.  That spiritual purpose will bring us great joy.

Joy and happiness

As you begin to open spiritually, your energy changes in your body.   You let go of the negative self talk, people that you don’t resonate with anymore leave your life and you begin to choose what is right for you. That can be daunting because the things that are right for you now, were never right for you in the past!!!  It can be confusing.

Then along the path one day, without you even realising, you truly step in your power, the what and why you are here.  You may not have done anything differently than normal, but you are different, you feel different, you act differently, you think differently and there is a pure flow of energy about you.

Personal power

This is the point where an old small part of you, can become overwhelmed and says “get out”.  That small part of you tries to purge the powerful you.  In some cases this really does happen and you do throw up!

Excitingly, although it doesn’t feel like it at the time,  this is the point where you are truly you.  This is what you are meant to be doing, thinking and feeling.

Ask the part of you that is trying to purge the rest of you, what is it trying to protect? It might be because it was scared, it didn’t want you to get hurt or it wanted you to be just like everyone else.    Reconcile with that aspect of you that is fighting this and be who you are?

People used to ask you when you were young – “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Be who you are

You, should have been the answer!

Enjoy the journey Tracy xx

There’s are bear in there.

Is there a bear in there and a bear in you?

There’s a bear in there

There are periods of our lives where we enter a cave and we go into the dark.

Pondering your life

It is a place of introspection, a place where we ponder our lives and look at what we are here to do.

Western society tells us we should be, getting going in our lives, moving on, achieving something and being successful.

Tribal cultures tell us that there are times we need to be like the bear.  Hibernate for the winter, nurture ourselves and restore ourselves.

Many people enter a time of hibernation, but they fight it and back out.  They might say ‘it is not what they should be doing’.  So they push on with their lives.  The push through depression, feeling lost, alone and unsatisfied.

Follow your instincts

I suggest we recognize the “bear” times in our lives and be okay with being in the cave.  It is restorative time.  A time to cleanse, to nurture, to be with yourself and your thoughts.

Wisdom within

In the darkness you will become a new you, a you that does not even look like you.

Wisdom within

In the darkness you will find yourself and your inner wisdom.

Just coming out of the cave, love Tracy xx

Honour and respect

Do you honour and respect yourself and all things in your life?

Honour and respect yourself

I look around at the things I have and do in my life and I ask, do I honour and respect myself?

My response is yes and no.

Getting wet

There are times in my life when I let others or other things, be more important in my life that what is right for me.

This week I was bestowed with a great honour in a task that was asked of me. This task is all about honour and respect in all that I do and all that I am.  It will also be a great gift of honouring and respect towards others when it is complete.   It has made me realize that I should honour and respect myself always.

It takes very little to honour and respect your life.

It can be as simple as, honouring a picture that you own, by getting it framed.   It can be honouring the food you eat.  Honouring yourself by going out for a walk.

Respect & honour yourself, respect and honour others.

When you honour yourself, you are then able to honour and respect others.

Take a little time each day to honour yourself. You will be amazed at how it will change your life.

Tracy xx

Much ado about nothing

Sometimes in my life I can stress about silly things.

  • Did I do the right thing?
  • Did I park in the right spot?
  • Should I move my car?
  • Will my car get a ticket?

Parking within the lines

I am not much of rule breaker, so it is important that I pay for parking and park within the lines in life.

Do you stress over silly things?  Usually after the situation is over, you will look back and see that your stressing was such a waste of time.  But why was it so important at the time?


It is important because you want things like:

  • To be safe
  • Not get hurt
  • Not break the rules
  • Hurt someone’s feelings
  • Do the right thing

What all this stress is doing to you, is churning you up on the inside.  It certainly does that to me.

My suggestion is ask yourself these two questions when you are stressed:

  • Does it really matter now?
  • After it is all over, will you be worried anymore?
If your answers to these questions are NO then….

Let it go

LET IT GO now and enjoy what you are doing.

Enjoy your life now, because there is much to do about everything else.

Tracy xx


How do you know if you are living from your head or your heart?

I don’t know about any of you, but I have spent a considerable amount of time, working out – do I operate out of my head or my heart, in life?

As you know I am all about living a balanced life.

When I worked in the corporate world, I was logical, organized, good at problem solving, finding answers and solutions.  A very head based lifestyle.

Now that I live life as the shaman in the city, I find I live a different life.  I listen to what is right for me, what I need to do and I go with the flow in life.  A heart based lifestyle.

When life goes out of balance, it is because you have gone into your head to work out what was the right thing for you to do.  You weighed up the “should’s”, “musts”,” have to’s” etc.

When a decision needs to be made, it is best to look down, focus into your heart and feel what is right for you.

How do you know that you have done this right?

The trick to knowing is, your voice will be lower and your attention will be at your heart for heart based decisions.

If you have come from the head, your eyes will be up, your voice higher pitched and your awareness will be in your head.

Lets give it a try with a decision about, what do you want to eat for breakfast?

  • Look up, go into your mind and ask the question (what do I want to have for breakfast this morning) and answer it out loud.   Pay attention to the tone of your voice and how it felt.  Then……
  • Look down, go into you heart and ask the question again and answer it out loud. How was your tone of voice this time and how did it feel?

Which one felt right?

I guarantee the heart based answer will be what you really want and need for breakfast.

Enjoy and I am off to eat some eggs this morning.

Tracy x

Are all your bits together?

Sometimes different aspects of ourselves decide to do their own thing in our lives, taking us out of balance.

What does that mean?

You might have an ‘organized part’ of you that loves to get the jobs done, tick off the lists , plans, organizes and does.

There might be another part of you that is the a “play part”, who loves to have fun, play jokes, jump in puddles walk barefoot, be free as a bird.

Then there might be a ‘fearful part’ of you that worries about life, what people might think or who doubts their abilities.

We all have different aspects within us.  They all support us when in balance, but when one part takes over and is driving your bus their way, it can become uncomfortable and unhealthy.  You might even get a headache or feel sick.

So what do you do about it?

You need to have a ‘get together’ with all your parts – a parts party!

They need to introduce themselves and share their strengths – what they do for you.  They need to listen to each other, to hear what the other parts strengths are and what they do for you.

When that happens the integration begins.  As life goes on for you, each part can advise and guide you.  Then you can make the a balanced decision in how you act and react in each moment.

Let me introduce you to my 3 parts.

Shaman Tracy – wise seer and healer who works with nature

Earth Tracy – the physical me that lives in this natural world

Free Tracy – the young free girl in me that likes to have fun and be in touch with nature

We are learning to work together in balance… can do it too.

Enjoy Tracy xx

Lost – are the answers in the forest, the trees or the leaves?

There are times in our lives where we can feel lost. We can ask for help from our friends and special loved ones and they help us to find out where we are.

But there are also times when we can ask for help when we are lost and it feels like we are in the forest.  We can become so overwhelmed that now the only thing we see are the leaves.

Getting bogged down in the detail of situations can put you into a place that is not useful.

There is a way out  and you can find clarity.   Lets fly like the eagle and look at the forest.

The forest is like a map.

Maps are great because they give you the overview of a place. An in-car navigator can direct you down streets which are the leaves of the forest and direct from where you are to where you want to go.  Remember though the in-car navigator is still looking at the world from the overview, they are still looking at the forest.  They have zoomed in for your next step.

There can also be times we might be looking at the something in our life that is 6 months down the track and we dont know how we are going to get there.  In the forest that would be the trees.  But the route from where you are, to where you want to be is unclear.  Again it is about looking at your situation from the forest perspective and finding a track from where you are, to where you want to go.

Navigate through life, using the forest, the trees and the leaves because all aspects help us to move forward in balance and there is beauty and learning in really seeing the forest, the trees and the leaves.

Much love Tracy x

What is your truth?

When I was a really young girl maybe 4 or 5, my Mother told me “Don’t swallow your chewing gum, or else it will gum up your works”.  An important lesson really don’t you think?

One day I was down the street with a neighbour and I accidently swallowed my chewing gum.  I began to cry uncontrollably.  The neighbour asked me what was wrong to which I said “I am going to gum up my works”.  I had believed what my Mother had told me.

Obviously as an adult, I know that wasn’t my truth and my mother was just trying to teach me not to swallow my gum, but as adults we can still take on others truths.

I love forget me not flowers and as a kid I loved to play with them.  A couple of years ago I went to a wildlife park with an expert.  In the park were lots of forget me not flowers.  This person told me the forget me not flowers were weeds and a terrible plant because they got caught in the Kangaroo’s fur, to which they pointed out on the nearest Kangaroo.

For a while I thought that forget me not flowers were terrible because I believed what the expert said.  Then I realised that was not my truth. My truth was, any plant, flower or tree with seeds, uses the wind and animals to move their seeds around.  They are dependant on each other for this.

So what is your truth?  Look at things from multiple perspectives:

  1. Your perspective
  2. From the other persons perspective
  3. From an objective third person perspective and ask what is the purpose for this thing to be here.

Think about some of your truths, are they yours, or are they from others.  What is the truth for you.

Just a side note to consider, sometimes “causes” are truths from only one perspective.

Be in your truth.

Tracy xx