When is going backwards actually going forwards.

For about 5 months now, I have been training 6 days a week to walk the Camino.  An 800klm walk across Spain.  Now that sounds fantastic.  But it hasn’t always been 6 days,  there are times when I have been away overseas working, so when I have returned, I have jumped back into to my 6 day a week routine.  It was developing my fitness, stamina and muscle memory.

We are now down to the last 2 weeks before we go on the big journey and my training has taken a 180 degree turn backwards.

Image by: ‪www.davidzinger.com

Image by: ‪www.davidzinger.com

I have been away overseas for 2 weeks and was planning to jump back into my training give or take a day from jet lag, I found myself doing the exact opposite.

Nothing…….My whole body seized up.  I couldn’t move. I thought how am I going to carry a backpack and walk 800klms for 2 months with a body like this.

There were a couple of things I could do.  Panic, get really upset, cry lots, or even push through.  I decided none of these were useful.  I kept hearing a voice inside my head saying “Trust you’ve done the work”.

I decided to go a get a massage to ease my tense muscles.  OMG.   I am quite sensitive at the best of time, but I knew I needed to make sure all the knots in my body were released.


She tried to bend me like a pretzel, but I was like a metal pole that wouldn’t bend.

I would have thought that after the massage I would be freely moving, no I was wrong.  Still moving backwards.

I was layed up for 3 days sore, aching, feeling sick, with a nice deep chesty cough but then also not layed up because I was sore and aching and couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep.

Again I keep hearing a voice saying,  “Trust you’ve done the work”.

Image by: ‪bensviewpoint.blogspot.com

Image by: ‪bensviewpoint.blogspot.com

So the universe has conspired to move me backwards, so I can move forwards on my journey and they are asking me to trust that going backwards is going forwards right now.

So I am moving backwards for now and I am okay with that.  I am not doing anything besides have another couple of massages to totally loosen my body up and trust deeply I have done the work!

Tracy xx

90 will you get there?

Meet Edna, she turns 90 tomorrow and is my amazing wonderful Aunt and God Mother.  She is a woman who is wise, compassionate, generous loving soul who has opened her heart and house to many people in need.

Aunty Ed and Uncle Al on their wedding day - the going away outfit.

Aunty Ed and Uncle Al on their wedding day – the going away outfit.

Edna opened her house and heart to me when I was in need.  I was separated from my first husband, she took me in and allowed me to live with her and heal.  For that I am extremely grateful.

She has taught me many things, live in the moment, do not worry, enjoy life and reward yourself because you have worked hard for it.  Eat well and drink champagne no matter what the time of day, because it’s good for you.

Christmas shopping with champagne

Christmas shopping with champagne

She is an amazing master porcelain artist and still paints to this day. She has shown me creativity at its best.  Here is some of her beautiful work that I have around my home.

Edna's art

Edna’s art

Over the years we have spent some great times together.  We go to the movies, shows, have great chats about politics and religion.  I take her Christmas shopping every year and we now shop monthly for her heavy things.  Although she has 2 bionic knees she still gets around quite well.

At Mary Poppins

At Mary Poppins

She has demonstrated that love, an open heart and forgiveness can create a wonderful life.  She has had her ups and downs in life as we all do, she is a survivor of cancer and her husband passed away over 25 years ago.

Edna is a role model, open minded, caring and loving and I hope I am half the woman she is.  Much love to you Aunty Ed.

Tracy xx

Duelling ego’s

One of the important lessons in life is letting go of your ego.

If you haven’t let go of your ego, you may find it has the potential to bring you down, make you feel inadequate, make you unhappy and have unrealistic expectations.

Duelling ego'sThis week I was privy to sit on the outside of a group and watch duelling ego’s. It was about better, better and best. I saw two opposing people, who felt the need to share what they had done, what was better than the other, and who was the best.

Their ego’s were duelling and this behaviour went on for days. It served no purpose other than to make them feel good and someone else feel less than.

When you let go of your ego you find you will be in a peaceful place.  There are no competitions.  No one to better, it is a place of compassion and authenticity.

just be youTry it. Let go of your ego and just be.  Tracy xx


Static is just noise

Have you ever tried to tune the radio in and tried to make sense of the static?

old-radioYou just cant.  Static is just noise that is being picked up by the radio or TV,  it contains no words.

Sometimes in life, we can get caught in the static, thinking it is important information that we are meant to hear.  Or we might think this person is involved in something we need to be involved in too.

Static is just that, static, noise that is not important in our lives.

television_staticHow many times have you tried to make sense of what friend is saying?  Get your head around the characters involved.  Been empathetic to a persons  situation and found it took a lot of time, effort and energy and then you thought, “why did I do that for?”  You have gotten involved in their lives but to you it is just static.

So pay attention, the important things in your life you will recognise and want to do things about.

shutterstock_89371237Be discerning, focus, because you can tell the difference between static and a message that is important for you, it will be as clear as a bell.

Tuning in…Tracy xx

What is a spiritual home?

Do you know where your spiritual home is? Do you know what it would be like to be there?

homesweet homeA spiritual home is where you and your soul feel comfortable.

It is a place where life flows.

In the flowIt is where doors are unlocked.

It is a place of peacefulness but not outside of you, but on the inside of you.

It is where your heart can open and shine.

It is where time means nothing.

It is where you are authentically you.

authentic selfIt is where you are inspired.

It is where you are truthful to yourself and others.

Have you found your spiritual home?

Everyone can, all you have to do is, be open, ask yourselves the statements above, see if the answers are yes.  If so, you have found your spiritual home.

Living in my spiritual home, Tracy xx

Inside Outside Inside

There are some places you go, that you just connect in with.  You get lots of messages and you feel at home.  It is a place of awakening, learning and growing.

Each of us have a place like this.

Do you know how to recognise it?

Do you know where is it?

It is inside yourself, it is the quiet stillness that is within all of us.  It is where the quiet voice whispers wisdom into our ears.

Whisper-in-earIt is outside yourself.   It is in the places in nature that touch you emotionally, that move you and that you feel at home in.  It is where the outside touches the inside of you and there is a sense of peace that comes into us.  There can also be a rush of energy and connection to all things.  It is where the energy of outside whispers wisdom into our ears.

inside_outsideAfter the outside we move within to the inside again where a completeness is found.  It is where the two are combined and peace, harmony and balance are now found.  It is where the whispers of the inside and outside are one and the wisdom of all things.

Knowing whats inside, outside and inside.

Tracy xx

Life is like a flower

Flower SeedsEverything in life comes from a seed.  Flowers are grown from seeds.  We are conceived from a human ova or seed. Our thoughts are the seed of ideas, perceptions, judgements and opinions.

planted seeds in the soilThe flower seed must sit in the soil.  It needs a dark place to germinate with the right amount of moisture. We are in the womb for 9 months to grow.  Thoughts sit with us before they are ready to come out.


Then the sun reaches deep within to encourage the flower seed to reach up and out towards it. We journey out the birth canal into the world. Our thoughts come out our mouths and then maybe even sit with us.

Dahlia_flowerThe flower begins to grow and blossom, being nourished by the sun and the rain. We begin to grow from a baby into toddler, a child, an adolescent, then an adult. Our thoughts grow and mature and make us who we are.   Some thoughts enable us, some thoughts limit us.

Dying flowerLastly the flower begins to fade and die, returning to the soil as nourishment for future seeds. We too begin to fade and die, returning to the source, to review our lives.  Our thoughts are now full of the wisdom of life, peace and understanding.

Enjoy your flowers of life.

Tracy xx

How flexible are you?

Gymnasts are extremely flexible.  They can contort their bodies into unusual shapes, places and even fly through the air.  Why is it they can do it and you can’t?

Being flexible

Being flexible

They have trained their bodies to be really flexible.  Could you train yourself to be flexible?  Do you have to be a gymnast to be flexible?

Life curveballWhen life throws you a curve ball, how flexible are you?  Could you catch the curve ball of life or duck and miss it?

We need to be flexible with our minds, thoughts, emotions and actions.

FencesIf you are inflexible it is because you have put up fences or rules around yourself to operate within.  You have confined your life, choices, actions and emotions.  So instead of a being fenced in a paddock, maybe your could move the fences outward and put them around the country you live in, or better yet, move your fences to the edge of the universe.

Drop in the ocean

Drop in the ocean

Or maybe even think of yourself as a drop of water in the ocean, rather than the confines of pond.

Being flexible means that life will still throw curve balls at you, but you will have the flexibility to catch the ball, or duck it, or even move off the playing field altogether.

Being flexible means the world will move slower and you will have more choice in what you do, say, feel and think.

Being a drop in the ocean.

Tracy xx

Nourishing your soul

Do you nourish your soul each day?

Or are you too busy in your life to even consider this?

Prayer & ritual

Prayer & ritual

What is nourishing your soul?  Is it as simple as eating some special food, or doing a meditation, or is it achieved through prayer and ritual?

Many people live their lives through words such as, have to, must do and need to.

They choose to do things because they are duty bound.  They may feel fulfilled in these duties.  They may feel the need to control how they live their lives, through food, exercise and through the types of material things they own.  But are they nourished, are their souls nourished?

Nourishing your soul is much deeper than eating special food, mediation or undertaking prayer or ritual.

Nourishing your soulNourishing your soul could mean getting lost in something that makes you truly happy.

Nourishing your soul could mean, spending time with a loved one.

Nourishing your soul, could mean doing something to help someone else, just because you could.

Peaceful heartNourishing your soul is about truly living your life, it is about being in the moment, surrendering, trusting and allowing.  Nourishing your soul means not getting bogged down in troubles, rising above it all and seeing it for what it is.  Nourishing your soul, is having a peaceful heart in all that you do.

With a nourished soul – Tracy xx

What ship is your relationship on?

Relationships are funny, we are in them from birth and have no choice.  Initially we are someone’s child, then maybe a sister or brother and even a cousin.  Then as life goes on, we move into other types of relationships that of a, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, partner, spouse, parent and maybe even divorced or separated.

Your relation SHIPS

Your relation SHIPS

Some of these relationships are easy to sail upon.  They are meant to be life long.  Some happen for a period of time or for a lesson.   Some relationships just happen in passing.

How do we determine the difference?

Relationships that are meant to last, are with people you are meant to connect with, they take the time for you and you for them.

When a relationship becomes difficult, one way or they don’t speak to you anymore, it means that these relationships are not meant to be or are finished with. They are the lesson relationships or passing relationships.

Pulling the relation SHIP

Pulling the relation SHIP

Sometimes we want to hang on to those difficult relationships, because we thought we were friends, or because we don’t want to face up to the reality of the situation, that the relationship is over.  The more we try and hang on, the more it can feel like dragging the ship backwards against the current.

Now is the time to be honest with yourself and let go of those relationships that are over and begin the smooth sailing of your life.

Plain sailing relation SHIPS

Plain sailing relation SHIPS

And remember, connect with the people who want to connect with you, you will know who those people are.

Connecting Tracy x