Justify or just a fly

As we go through our lives we find that we can justify the situations we find ourselves in.  Explain away our behaviours and choices in a way that suits us.

We can justify why we did something.

We can justify why we made that choice.

We can justify how we are learning and growing.

We can justify how we take responsibility for things.

We can justify why we didn’t do something

Just a flyBut is it really just a fly?

Are we really seeing all perspectives of the situations and choices we make?

Yes, you can see what is going on from your perspective.

Yes, you see things from the other persons perspective.

And yes, you might even see it from an outsiders perspective.

Are they the only perspectives?

Alternate-PerspectivesHave you ever considered the perspective of you interacting with you?

man-looking-in-mirror-300x214Why is it we can say we are going to treat others well, whilst at the same time we treat ourselves poorly and we don’t even realise we are doing it.

We do this when we are in a state of incongurency.  What that means is, there are two of us, that are both trying to do the best for us.  We are in our own way, so we justify what we do. It can take a bit of digging to find both sides of your story.  Try it, its liberating and healing.

Listen, see and hear what is right for the whole of you the next time you hear yourself justifying a choice or behaviour and then think – just a fly – what is right for the whole of me.

What animals appear right under your nose?

Animals join us in our lives, even appearing right under our noses, for a number of reasons.  To give us a message or to bring us strength.

TedBelieve it or not, we all have had animals with us from birth.  Here is my Teddy Bear that was given to me so when I was a baby, a long time ago.  He is in good nick and will one day be an antique!

Juvenile white bellied sea eagleThe other day I was driving to the supermarket and I saw a juvenile white bellied sea eagle.  You cant miss a big bird like that.

They will either catch your eye in real life, or appear in a paper or magazine your reading and even on TV programs you might be watching.

The point is they are right under your nose and you have noticed them.  So what does that mean?  It means they have a message to tell you. Let me tell you how do you work that out.

You can buy books that tell you about animal meanings, or you can read my ‘animal message of the week’ on my Sparkle Connection facebook page.  My best tip and the easiest one is:

  • Think about what the animal means to you.
  • Consider what were you thinking about as you noticed the animal, the animal can be confirming your thoughts.
  • Lastly what was the animal doing, what does that mean to you.

Animal right under your noseAnimals journey with us everyday, you don’t have to look far to notice them, they will appear right under your nose.

Tracy xx

Nourishing your soul

Do you nourish your soul each day?

Or are you too busy in your life to even consider this?

Prayer & ritual

Prayer & ritual

What is nourishing your soul?  Is it as simple as eating some special food, or doing a meditation, or is it achieved through prayer and ritual?

Many people live their lives through words such as, have to, must do and need to.

They choose to do things because they are duty bound.  They may feel fulfilled in these duties.  They may feel the need to control how they live their lives, through food, exercise and through the types of material things they own.  But are they nourished, are their souls nourished?

Nourishing your soul is much deeper than eating special food, mediation or undertaking prayer or ritual.

Nourishing your soulNourishing your soul could mean getting lost in something that makes you truly happy.

Nourishing your soul could mean, spending time with a loved one.

Nourishing your soul, could mean doing something to help someone else, just because you could.

Peaceful heartNourishing your soul is about truly living your life, it is about being in the moment, surrendering, trusting and allowing.  Nourishing your soul means not getting bogged down in troubles, rising above it all and seeing it for what it is.  Nourishing your soul, is having a peaceful heart in all that you do.

With a nourished soul – Tracy xx

Do you stay or do you go?

How many times have you decided to choose to be with other people, when really you should have stayed at home and been by yourself?

I know when I have chosen to go out rather than choosing to stay at home, I have gotten a headache afterwards, or been really exhausted the next day.

If you have chosen to be with people, there might be a need to be engaging with others.

Masks we put on

Masks we put on

You may put on masks to help you cope such as:

  • “funny you”
  • “entertaining you”
  • “wise you”
  • “parent you”
  • “party person you”
  • “friend you”
Taking off your mask

Taking off your mask

These masks have a part to play in your life, but not when they are at the expense of choosing to just be you.

By choosing to stay in, you may well find that being on your own is rejuvenating.  Sometimes being on your own allows you to just be you and that is why a little voice inside your head says, “no thanks” to an invitation to be with people.  However, at times we can ignore the voice. Our close partners generally are the only other people who really allow us to just be ourselves.

So next time you are asked to join people, tune into yourself and listen, hear what is right for you and ask “Do I stay or do I go now?”

Just be with yourself

Just be with yourself

Take time to just be with yourself, it is a great thing to do.

Enjoying some solitary time Tracy x

Can you find yourself on the other side of the globe?

This week as I travelled to the other side of the globe, I felt like I had lost myself.

Have you found yourself on the other side of the globe?

Have you found yourself on the other side of the globe?

After my first day of work over here, I went into doubt.  I asked myself these questions:

  • Did I really know what I was doing?
  • Did I have enough activities?
  • Would my customers be disappointed?
  • Should I really be doing this?
  • Should I be home, safe and sound?
Who am I?

Who am I?

After an evening of working hard, followed by a sleepless night.  I found the answer.

My answer was:

  • Trust in me.
  • I have all the skills I need.
  • I know that I have been doing this for a long time.
  • I have been given this opportunity for a reason.
Trust yourself

Trust yourself

Travelling overseas to the Middle East is part of my spiritual journey, I don’t have all the answers about what the whole of my journey means, just yet.  What I do know, is that sometimes we are given journeys to develop.  Develop things like trust, knowing, and believing.  Journeys to find yourself.

I have found myself, or more of myself on the other side of the globe.

Are you finding yourself, anywhere you are?

See you on the path of self discovery, Tracy xx

Have you explored Wonderland?

Have you tried letting go of expectations? Have you explored Wonderland?

Have you explored Wonderland?

Have you explored Wonderland?

For someone who is planned and organised, having expectations of outcomes, results and where you can end up, are expected.

This is where the problem lies, in your mind becuase you have already got the thing or result before you have even lived it. You know what your going to eat, what you going to do and how you will do it.  So when any of those things don’t eventuate, all you end up with is disappointment.



For the last 5 weeks, my life has been in the hands of other people to organise and arrange.  Now initially this was not my choice and later it became my choice.

It has meant that I have headed overseas at the last minute.  It has meant that I travelled with my husband throughout outback Australia not having planned or thought about, where we would go or what we would do.  I left it all up to him.

The great thing about not having any expectations, means there is no disappointment. You have nothing to compare the outcome or result with and you end up having an amazing time full of wonder and excitement.

The other great thing is, it is very freeing.  Freeing of the constraints I used to put on my life.

Now I still like to organise and plan but just letting go and allowing what ever door to open and whatever happens to happen, is like exploring Wonderland.

Open door

Open door

I ask you to give it a go, let go and see what is possible in Wonderland where there aren’t expectations, just surprises.

Off through a new door, Tracy x


Honour and respect

Do you honour and respect yourself and all things in your life?

Honour and respect yourself

I look around at the things I have and do in my life and I ask, do I honour and respect myself?

My response is yes and no.

Getting wet

There are times in my life when I let others or other things, be more important in my life that what is right for me.

This week I was bestowed with a great honour in a task that was asked of me. This task is all about honour and respect in all that I do and all that I am.  It will also be a great gift of honouring and respect towards others when it is complete.   It has made me realize that I should honour and respect myself always.

It takes very little to honour and respect your life.

It can be as simple as, honouring a picture that you own, by getting it framed.   It can be honouring the food you eat.  Honouring yourself by going out for a walk.

Respect & honour yourself, respect and honour others.

When you honour yourself, you are then able to honour and respect others.

Take a little time each day to honour yourself. You will be amazed at how it will change your life.

Tracy xx

Does life give you a hangover?

Today my day started like this…..

I  woke up this morning at 6am, feeling tired and headachy.

So why was that?  How did life give me a hangover?

Does life give you a hangover?

Yesterday my day started like this……

I got up as usual, at 4.30am, meditated and did Tai Chi.

TaiChi at sunrise

I did some work until lunch time.  We then headed to the Gold Coast to spend some time with family.  I had family visiting from down south and we were meeting for dinner.

I usually have an orange juice when out for dinner, but had to settle for 2 lemon squashes. Soft drink is something that is not in my diet, but unfortunately the Surf Club didn’t have any orange juice that night.

We had a lovely evening and with a 1 hour drive home, we left by 9.30pm.  I am normally in bed by this time.   So by this stage of the evening I was feeling tired.

We got home and I was thinking about going straight to bed, but my husband suggested watching some TV we had taped, to wind down.  At 11.30pm we dragged ourselves to bed.

Remember my day started like this…..

I woke at 6am and felt like I had a hangover.

Sometimes when we do things out of our normal routine, our bodies can physically go out of balance.    A late night and 2 lemon squashes resulted in being tired, having a headache and a fuzzy brain for the day.

You cannot not live your life. But what you can do is listen to what is right for you.

What was right for me, was to drink water instead of soft drink and go straight to bed when I got home.

Live right – drink water

Does your lifestyle give you a hangover? Maybe choose just a few things differently and notice the difference it can make.

Back in balance …..tomorrow!

Do you swing both ways?

As we get older in life, we have habitual ways of operating in our lives that appear to work for us.  We might become successful and be rewarded for those behaviours.

Are they really working for you?

I find that sometimes those ways of behaving in life for success, are a bit like being on a swing and being suspended up one end, for ages.  You cannot sustain this position long term.   However in life you think you can and you do.

When I was in the corporate world I was pursuing the corporate ladder.  I was driven, determined, I got the work done and was rewarded for it.  Little did a I realise that this state of being wasn’t working for me on many other levels.

I was suspended.

In fact I was defying gravity.  When you defy gravity and the natural laws, it means things go out of balance.

If you have been stuck out one way in your life, the only place you are going to go, is back the other way just as far.

For me, it was, drive my life, drive my life, drive my life.  When I swung the other way in my life, it became, rest, rest, rest.  That really was a shock to me.  I didnt realise that I was fighting the laws of phsyics.  You swing one way so far, you have to swing back the other way as far.

This will continue to happen in your life, until you hit an equalibrium point, which is balance.

My best advice is this, recognise how far your are swinging out in your life and then choose not to stay their too long because the consequences are, you are going to swing the other way just as far, until you come into the equalibrium point of life.

Enjoy the swings of life, but stop hanging around out there!!

Tracy xx

What is your truth?

When I was a really young girl maybe 4 or 5, my Mother told me “Don’t swallow your chewing gum, or else it will gum up your works”.  An important lesson really don’t you think?

One day I was down the street with a neighbour and I accidently swallowed my chewing gum.  I began to cry uncontrollably.  The neighbour asked me what was wrong to which I said “I am going to gum up my works”.  I had believed what my Mother had told me.

Obviously as an adult, I know that wasn’t my truth and my mother was just trying to teach me not to swallow my gum, but as adults we can still take on others truths.

I love forget me not flowers and as a kid I loved to play with them.  A couple of years ago I went to a wildlife park with an expert.  In the park were lots of forget me not flowers.  This person told me the forget me not flowers were weeds and a terrible plant because they got caught in the Kangaroo’s fur, to which they pointed out on the nearest Kangaroo.

For a while I thought that forget me not flowers were terrible because I believed what the expert said.  Then I realised that was not my truth. My truth was, any plant, flower or tree with seeds, uses the wind and animals to move their seeds around.  They are dependant on each other for this.

So what is your truth?  Look at things from multiple perspectives:

  1. Your perspective
  2. From the other persons perspective
  3. From an objective third person perspective and ask what is the purpose for this thing to be here.

Think about some of your truths, are they yours, or are they from others.  What is the truth for you.

Just a side note to consider, sometimes “causes” are truths from only one perspective.

Be in your truth.

Tracy xx