Who is living in a fairy tale?

Once upon a time…..

Image by www.rebellesociety.com

Image by www.rebellesociety.com

There was a little girl with red hair and she thought she could fly just like Mary Poppins.  She went outside with her umbrella, stood on the stool and jumped.  As she floated to the ground, she knew she had flown.

Now sadly her sisters didn’t believe her.   Was it the wind that caught her light weight or something else?

Image by dream_story_book_by_holliewood1391-d2zonf0Believe it or not we all have stories that may or may not be true.  But you don’t have to be 5 to be telling them, you might be 25, 45 even 75, because our lives are full of stories and our stories are full of perceptions.

Image by ‪sophia-m.deviantart.com

Image by ‪sophia-m.deviantart.com

Most statements people make are littered with perceptions or how they see and experience the world.  So is their world just a fairy tale?

I have spent the week listening to myself and seeing how much of a fairy tale I live in.  I was surprised, I could barely make a statement without it having perceptions all though it.  Why don’t you try it and just see?

There is a nice gentle breeze passing by, I am just going to get my unbrella….


Much ado about nothing

Sometimes in my life I can stress about silly things.

  • Did I do the right thing?
  • Did I park in the right spot?
  • Should I move my car?
  • Will my car get a ticket?

Parking within the lines

I am not much of rule breaker, so it is important that I pay for parking and park within the lines in life.

Do you stress over silly things?  Usually after the situation is over, you will look back and see that your stressing was such a waste of time.  But why was it so important at the time?


It is important because you want things like:

  • To be safe
  • Not get hurt
  • Not break the rules
  • Hurt someone’s feelings
  • Do the right thing

What all this stress is doing to you, is churning you up on the inside.  It certainly does that to me.

My suggestion is ask yourself these two questions when you are stressed:

  • Does it really matter now?
  • After it is all over, will you be worried anymore?
If your answers to these questions are NO then….

Let it go

LET IT GO now and enjoy what you are doing.

Enjoy your life now, because there is much to do about everything else.

Tracy xx


Is it easier to have an instant garden than to grow your own?

How many of us want things now?

I know I do at certain times in my life, especially when I am tired, sick of myself or impatient.

I was given an opportunity to do something this week, that was really important and worthwhile.  I would have been really pushed to get it done in the time frame in a quality way.   I was guided to I look at the situation this way.

Is it easier to have an instant garden or to grow your own from seedlings?

When people build a house they get two options, they can either get a landscaper in and do an instant garden or they do it themselves.  If they are impatient and they want their house completely done, they might pick the landscaper.  He/ She would come in, put in mature plants, grass paving etc and their garden could look like it has been there for 20 years.

What happens though, is that instant garden dies off after about a week, even just a little. Looks great for a couple of days but the garden doesn’t have the strength in its foundation. It could  be sustained, but it takes a lot of tending.

So should you take the time to plant your garden from seedlings, giving them time to grow roots, to grow with the sun and truly embed themselves in your soil?

With my situation I decided to take the time, plant the seedlings and not be rushed.  I want strength in my foundations and create something that will last.

What do you choose you in your life?

Enjoy Tracy x

To live your truth takes strength and courage.

Lately my life has been letting me see my truth, in black and white.

It is funny how we can be far easier on others than ourselves.  I find it is easy to see other peoples truth, what is going on in their lives.  I can chat comfortably with them and give them a gentle prod to help them see what is happening. But when it comes to myself, I am harsh, unforgiving and I hold myself to a higher standard.

We went camping for the last 4 days. I find camping a great place to reconnect with mother earth, the animals and the elements.

We were watching the Osprey fishing for his daily meals.  Its quite windy where we were, so the Osprey could hold itself in the wind without much flying required.

I noticed small movements in his tail feathers when he wanted to go forward or a flattening and spreading of his tail feathers to stay put.

He dove down to into the water and grabbed a fish, came out slightly but then back down into the water.

I watched in amazement at first, as I thought he was adjusting his talons to keep a hold of the fish, but this took too long.  My amazement turned to horror, as wave after wave washed over him.  I thought he was going to drown.  I started to say to my husband, should we go in and save him.

But after a while, he flew out of the water and shook his feathers off, with no fish.

What was the truth, how did he stay in the water that long and survive?

As a shaman, nature and animals will represent messages from Great Spirit.  So I looked at that situation and thought what was the message for me?  If the Opsrey represented a part of me, was I seeing the truth of my life?

  • Does the Osprey catch every fish it goes for? No
  • Do I expect to catch every fish I go for? Yes
  • Do I dive into life with high expectations?  Yes
  • Do I expect things to be successful? Yes
  • Do I flounder around in the waves when things don’t go right?  Yes
  • Was the Osprey floundering around in the waves?  No I don’t think so
  • Do I emotionally stay in those situations too long? Yes
  • Did the Osprey stay in the water too long? No
  • Am I able to get myself out of situations and learn from them? Yes
  • Do I see all aspects of truth in my life? No – my expectations hide the truth from me.
  • Does the Osprey learn from not catching the fish? Yes and I learn from my mistakes and I have a lifetime to do that.

It takes strength and courage to see your truth.

Be gentle on yourself when catching the fish in your life, because you wont catch every fish and you will learn and grow.

Tracy xx

Are you a risk taker in your life?

With a title like “are you a risk taker in your life” sounds like, you jump out of planes,  you gamble on stocks, shares or even the horses, or you do things on a whim.

Risk taking means different things to different people.  For some people, taking risks might mean, meeting and dating someone on-line.   For another, risk taking might be, rock climbing with no ropes at Mt Arapiles.

Sometimes we are heading along in our lives, like taking a canoe trip down a river.   Early on the river doesn’t have a lot of flow about it, then the river begins to move faster, it may even become rapids and next minute you are heading towards the waterfall in your canoe.

Your level of risk has just increased and there is a point – the point of no return, where the only place to go is forward in the flow.

At this point in your life you are facing your risks.  For me it is where I face my fears and my regrets.  I say things like, I shouldn’t have done that, wished I had never come.  It is like I am sitting in the canoe on the edge of the waterfall with my hands gripping the sides of the river bank, as I fight against the flow of my life.

For anyone on the banks of the river looking at me, I would look pretty silly.  But to me, it makes perfect sense.  When I fight my fears and regrets, it manifests in me, by making me get sick or have a headache etc.

I need to turn the risk – my fears and regrets, into a journey of trust and love in myself.

You know when you have gone over the waterfall of life, there is a serenity and peace awaiting you at the bottom.

So take every stroke in your life with love and trust and enjoy the journey.

Tracy xx

Are you caught in the fridge?

I went to make fresh mint tea this morning.   I got the mint out of the fridge and began picking the leaves for the tea pot.  Surprisingly a little green frog fell out of the bunch of mint.  As I looked at his lifeless body, I felt quite devastated that this poor little frog had come to its end in my fridge in the bunch of mint.

I began planning where I could lay him rest.  A glimmer of life caught my eye, his arm moved.  I turned him over, got some water and took him out to my pot plant garden.   I put some water on the garden and went to place him down.  He became quite alive.  Excited at the thought he had been reborn or at least revived, I put him down in the garden where he promptly decided to get out of the pot and go somewhere else.

It got me thinking about his situation:

  • Did the frog choose to go into the mint paddock?
  • Did the frog accidently get caught in the mint being picked?
  • Did the frog choose his circumstances and could he choose to get out of them?

Sometimes we choose the circumstances we find ourselves in life.  Sometimes life chooses the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Sometimes we need a new perspective to get out of both.

Circumstances where we might feel trapped, shut down or tired, are times for reflection about:

  • who we are
  • why we are here
  • what do we need to do

It about quietly taking the time to absorb those lessons so that we learn and grow, to be who we really are and when your ready, a new perspective will help guide you out of the cold.  Thank you to the little green frog for your wisdom and perspective this morning.

Enjoy  Tracy xx

The gift

In life we all have difficult periods.  I for one have had few, we are all human aren’t we?

Some of those experiences I had packaged up in box and put them (metaphorically speaking) in the back of my cupboard, not to be talked about. Over the years I have done a lot of personal healing on myself and I had dealt with that issue, but it was in the box none the less.

I received a phone call out of the blue from a person I had not spoken to in 20 years.  This person said “no hard feelings…..”.  I realised that I had put a time capsule in the box in the back of the cupboard.  This time capsule, held moments, emotions and situations from an era long past.

As this boxed was opened, I realised life had moved on.  Nothing stands still and I had been hanging onto it ‘like it was 1965’.  With that relevation in mind that time, people and situations have all changed, I let go of it all.  I was really grateful.

My whole life came back into fullness and I remembered the joy of my life.

So thank you for the gift I was given through that phone call.


Do you have any time capsule boxes in the back of your cupboard?

Bring them out, look at them from the view point of 2012, are they true today?

Let them go, be whole.  You deserve it.

Tracy xx

Managing your energy – see the pictures of your life

I have had quite a busy period and this morning after all the rush and bubble was over, I took stock of how I was feeling.  What was my energy really doing?

I felt like a kettle that had been boiling for days and days.  As we know, a kettle will boil dry and eventually not work anymore if it is on constant boil.  This was not comfortable energy I was in and not useful for me wholistically.   I needed to relax and switch off my kettle and enjoy the cup of tea.

Quite often when we find ourselves in situations that are draining, we will blame our partner, family, work, the busy period of life etc.  No one is to blame.  These are just your reactions to life.

Many tribal people used stories as away of imparting wisdom, seeing the truth and new choices in a situation. Within the stories were archetypes and behaviours we may recognize in ourselves.  There would also be answers on what to do, how to do things differently or to make different choices moving forward.

So as the Shaman in the city, I look for the ‘metaphors in situations’ or the ‘pictures in life’.

I had a friend call and say he was so busy, it was never ending and he was overwhelmed.  The metaphor I saw was: he was running marathon but at a sprinters pace.  So of course he was tired, exhausted and didn’t feel he would make it to the end.  As we chatted I  introduced this story of running the marathon at a sprinters pace,  there was an awareness of why he was feeling this way and an awareness of needing to slow down the pace.   Sometimes just having a new picture of the situation helps release energy in the body that is not useful.

So don’t boil your kettle endlessly.  See the picture, tell the story and let it go.

At times just a very small break out of the energy you have created is enough of a release to manage your energy.

Now off to enjoy that cup of tea on my balcony and breathe.

Tracy xx