Life is like a flower

Flower SeedsEverything in life comes from a seed.  Flowers are grown from seeds.  We are conceived from a human ova or seed. Our thoughts are the seed of ideas, perceptions, judgements and opinions.

planted seeds in the soilThe flower seed must sit in the soil.  It needs a dark place to germinate with the right amount of moisture. We are in the womb for 9 months to grow.  Thoughts sit with us before they are ready to come out.


Then the sun reaches deep within to encourage the flower seed to reach up and out towards it. We journey out the birth canal into the world. Our thoughts come out our mouths and then maybe even sit with us.

Dahlia_flowerThe flower begins to grow and blossom, being nourished by the sun and the rain. We begin to grow from a baby into toddler, a child, an adolescent, then an adult. Our thoughts grow and mature and make us who we are.   Some thoughts enable us, some thoughts limit us.

Dying flowerLastly the flower begins to fade and die, returning to the soil as nourishment for future seeds. We too begin to fade and die, returning to the source, to review our lives.  Our thoughts are now full of the wisdom of life, peace and understanding.

Enjoy your flowers of life.

Tracy xx