Layers, layers and more layers

Have you ever noticed how many layers there are in all things, including ourselves.

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Those layers create depth, colour, contrast, detail, foundations, time, emotions, strength and so much more.

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A music composer may create a film score by firstly creating themes, then building upon those to create emotion, story telling, texture, depth and contrast, through different orchestrations, layered through different instruments played.
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An artist may paint a picture by blocking colours, then building up those colours, contrasting of light and shade, telling a story through colour, contrast, detail, texture and technique.

Organisations have layers built through structures, hierarchies. service provision, people in roles, creating achievements, profits, making mistakes, losses, just to name a few layers.

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The earth is filled with layers including crust, mantle, outer core, inner core, but also the layers of atmosphere, soil, rock, foliage, forests, animals, buildings, roads, people and there are many more.

People are also layered.

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Our layers maybe our past, parents, relationships, children, jobs, emotions, experiences, beliefs, roles, these are just a few there are many more layers that make us who we are.

If you find you are stuck or you have expectations of how fast your journey of evolution should or could be, I would suggest that it may well be because you have not considered all the layers that are involved. Sometimes we may think we are clearing and healing a situation but there is more involved that just the layer that is on the surface. We must dig deeper.

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My advice is recognize the layers, all the layers involved. It will be a surface issue and it will be much more than that. Be in the moment of every moment. Let go of expectations and allow your journey to unfold in all the layers of you. You will begin to understand the depth of who you really are.
Tracy xx

Are you free or are you really tied up?

Can you imagine what it would be like if you were riding a rollercoaster in a straight jacket?

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Guess what, you and I may well be doing just that…..

Have you experienced emotional highs and lows in life? I have and they are not so fun. The roller coaster ride is just like experiencing our emotional highs and lows. Now life wouldn’t be fun if the ride was flat. So we do need to experience the ups and downs but they don’t need to be as exaggerated as a roller coaster.

Everytime you “expect” something to happen or try and control the situation we are putting on the straight jacket.

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This will come in the form of, I should do…. this must be….I have to… And we do it in all contexts of our lives, work, family, health and finances. Not very freeing really!!

Letting go then means we are open to trusting and knowing that there is an end coming and you will “get there when you get there”. Lets consider the roller coaster, you can’t get off half way through the ride, but you can trust and know the ride will end and you may even enjoy the journey.

Everyone’s straight jackets are different and made up of different types of things about how our lives should be.

My husband reminded me of a quote at breakfast this morning.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

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So take off your straight jacket and trust you are powerful beyond measure and remember you will get “there”.

Patience – can you buy it at the supermarket?

I said to my Mother once years ago, “Mum I wasn’t born with patience?”  She said “no you weren’t!”  So armed with that information, I wandered to the supermarket and scanned the shelves to buy patience?  You can buy many things in life, new outfit, food, headache tablet to relieve pain, can you buy patience?

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I hate to say it but the answer is no – you cant buy patience.

But you can find it.

Have I found it?


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Yes, no and sometimes.

When I was younger I didn’t have patience, couldn’t find it at all.

Over time, I learned some skills to be patient. I learned to not get emotionally triggered by stuff. I learned to observe life. I learned to be present in the moment. I learned to gather the wisdom from situations. I learned to be in my authenticity – doing what is right for me.


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There are still times I seem to lose patience, it occurs when my focus goes onto tomorrow rather than now.

My best advice is this, you wont find patience on the supermarket shelf,


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but you can find it today, right now, by being focused on ‘what is’ going on for you right now. It is that simple.

Patient Tracy xx

Looking at the world through new lenses.

Have you seen the world today?

Was it the same as yesterday?

Will it be the same tomorrow?

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My world had changed, I knew it, but I didn’t realize how much my world had changed.  I recently got my eyes tested and to my shock, I needed distance glasses as well as reading glasses.

Getting a new set of glasses is like a metaphor for life.  Things change, we grow wiser, older and more experienced.   All of a sudden without us realising we begin to see the world differently.

This difference can make us uncomfortable, we have to learn how to see the world from a new perspective.

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Old behaviours don’t work anymore.  New beahviours are required and as many of us know, old habits are hard to change.

Finding out that what you thought you were seeing was in fact not real, can rock your foundations.

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So be open to really seeing the world differently.  Be open to changing the way you see, hear and experience the world.   I am learning to look through a strange set of lenses and see my new world.

Tracy xx


When is going backwards actually going forwards.

For about 5 months now, I have been training 6 days a week to walk the Camino.  An 800klm walk across Spain.  Now that sounds fantastic.  But it hasn’t always been 6 days,  there are times when I have been away overseas working, so when I have returned, I have jumped back into to my 6 day a week routine.  It was developing my fitness, stamina and muscle memory.

We are now down to the last 2 weeks before we go on the big journey and my training has taken a 180 degree turn backwards.

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I have been away overseas for 2 weeks and was planning to jump back into my training give or take a day from jet lag, I found myself doing the exact opposite.

Nothing…….My whole body seized up.  I couldn’t move. I thought how am I going to carry a backpack and walk 800klms for 2 months with a body like this.

There were a couple of things I could do.  Panic, get really upset, cry lots, or even push through.  I decided none of these were useful.  I kept hearing a voice inside my head saying “Trust you’ve done the work”.

I decided to go a get a massage to ease my tense muscles.  OMG.   I am quite sensitive at the best of time, but I knew I needed to make sure all the knots in my body were released.


She tried to bend me like a pretzel, but I was like a metal pole that wouldn’t bend.

I would have thought that after the massage I would be freely moving, no I was wrong.  Still moving backwards.

I was layed up for 3 days sore, aching, feeling sick, with a nice deep chesty cough but then also not layed up because I was sore and aching and couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep.

Again I keep hearing a voice saying,  “Trust you’ve done the work”.

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So the universe has conspired to move me backwards, so I can move forwards on my journey and they are asking me to trust that going backwards is going forwards right now.

So I am moving backwards for now and I am okay with that.  I am not doing anything besides have another couple of massages to totally loosen my body up and trust deeply I have done the work!

Tracy xx

Saying goodbye to my old shoes…

You may be aware that my husband and I are preparing to walk “The Way of St James” in 2 months time.  It is a pilgrimage that covers 800klms, travelling from St Jean Pied De Port in France to Santiago De Compostela in Spain.  We have been training for 4 months, testing our boots, packs, clothes etc.

Comfortable oldshoesMy old comfortable walking boots that I have had for 5 years, were doing the trick.  They have let me walk 9klms each morning and 24klms on the weekends.  They were old and comfortable.  I really wanted my boots to last the distance.

IMG_4470But alas, my old boots decided to tell me it was time for them to go. It was their soles, I had worn them out.   I was resisting, I felt undecided about having to purchase new boots, but with only 2 months out from the big walk, this was the time to get new boots and break them in.

So this morning I decided to go and purchase some new boots.  The great thing about my old boots, is they had shown how boots need to feel, when walking.  The sales girl in the shop was very patient with me.  I finally found a pair of boots that seemed to fit. I walked around the shop for about 30 minutes, including walking up and down their little hill to see how they went.

IMG_4472I then made the decision to buy them, thats when I cried!! I realised my boots had carried me on my journey thus far, they had been great and now I was saying good bye.

So I now have some new boots for ‘Walking the Way’.  I trust they will carry me safely and comfortably, the 1 million steps that the ‘Way of St James’ is.

Tracy x

Do you love your warts?

Have you ever noticed that there are aspects of ourselves we love and are proud of and then there are parts of ourselves that we don’t love.  Sometimes people might ignore those aspects of themselves they don’t love, where as others might focus solely on those aspects they don’t love.  Neither of those behaviours are useful.

953_10952_a_witch_nose_large_make_up_schminke_clownweis_spezial_effekte_wunden_aufklebewunden_glatzenfolie_hautkleber_wi_grSo how do you love your warts?

self-loveSelf love is the answer, loving all parts of yourself, warts and all.

It is easier said than done.  When we don’t love the whole of ourselves we are limit our lives.   We put self imposed rules on ourselves that we should live by and we limit our true potential.

Why not try this.  Write a list of all the aspects of yourself that you love and then write a list of all the aspects of yourself you don’t love.  Did you know that all those aspects of yourself you don’t love, serve a purpose in your life,  or are a result of things you do love. For example as you get older your body changes, it isn’t like it used to be.  Recognise that your body changing is a result of you stepping into the wisdom phase of your life, free of other responsibilities that occur at a younger age.  There is a self love component to every aspect of you, it is useful to find it.  Do this now against every item on your list that you dont love about yourself.

rules-for-allSelf love is also about not living by other peoples rules, but rather writing your own rules.  Also note if some of things you don’t love about yourself are rules set by others that don’t serve you.  Change those rules now too!

It is about reconciling all parts of yourself and becoming whole.

So love your warts, because they are great parts of you too.

Tracy – warts and all xx

Duelling ego’s

One of the important lessons in life is letting go of your ego.

If you haven’t let go of your ego, you may find it has the potential to bring you down, make you feel inadequate, make you unhappy and have unrealistic expectations.

Duelling ego'sThis week I was privy to sit on the outside of a group and watch duelling ego’s. It was about better, better and best. I saw two opposing people, who felt the need to share what they had done, what was better than the other, and who was the best.

Their ego’s were duelling and this behaviour went on for days. It served no purpose other than to make them feel good and someone else feel less than.

When you let go of your ego you find you will be in a peaceful place.  There are no competitions.  No one to better, it is a place of compassion and authenticity.

just be youTry it. Let go of your ego and just be.  Tracy xx


What is the aftermath of letting go?

Do you know what happens after you have let go of something?  Would you recognise the aftermath of letting go?

Aftermath_of_San_Francisco_earthquake,_1906After a storm there is peace and tranquillity.  After you have finally let go of people, situations and things, there is peace and tranquillity.

I have talked about letting go before, you might like to revisit that post.

The interesting thing to note is, once you have let something go, there will be nothing left.  By that I mean no emotion.  It means you have dealt with the situation, resolved it, got your lesson and let it go.

hiroshima-aftermath-photographYou may come across a situation that used to trigger, anger, hurt, or jealously etc., but now as you view those same situations there will be nothing, no emotion, it will just be, you will just be.

This will be new.  It might feel quite unusual, get used to it because you have done the work.  It is a new and empowering way of being.

after_the_stormIt will have a flow on affect into other areas of your life, you will be more peaceful, more empowered, trusting in yourself.

If you are not at the no emotion stage, then there is more to be healed, but believe me when I say, once you have done the work the aftermath is a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil nirvana.

Just being…Tracy x

What is a spiritual home?

Do you know where your spiritual home is? Do you know what it would be like to be there?

homesweet homeA spiritual home is where you and your soul feel comfortable.

It is a place where life flows.

In the flowIt is where doors are unlocked.

It is a place of peacefulness but not outside of you, but on the inside of you.

It is where your heart can open and shine.

It is where time means nothing.

It is where you are authentically you.

authentic selfIt is where you are inspired.

It is where you are truthful to yourself and others.

Have you found your spiritual home?

Everyone can, all you have to do is, be open, ask yourselves the statements above, see if the answers are yes.  If so, you have found your spiritual home.

Living in my spiritual home, Tracy xx