Everything comes from a thought

If you look around you, you will see buildings, cars and planes, all built by us.  We have been building things for generations.

Do you know, we build things that we don’t even realise we do.

Henry Ford said “ if you think you can or you think you cant, you’re right”

I recently had a waft of a thought come into my mind and I acknowledged it.

That little thought manifested into a full blown headache with a tense neck and shoulders, which led to my needing to spend the day lying down.

I was fascinated, with that thought, I had built the following over the next 5 days:

  • I had a ‘want’ in my life
  • I went in search of that ‘want’
  • I didn’t get what I ‘wanted’ I got what I ‘needed’
  • I then got frustrated and angry
  • I then ate to make myself happy, which just made me angry
  • So I ate again, which made me angry,
  • Believe it or not, I did eat again and got angry again
  • I then got really tense in my body, knotted shoulders and got a good sized headache

From that one little thought that wafted through my mind, I had built myself into an unhealthy tense mess in a week.  Funny Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I did some serious building in a very short amount of time.

So think about your tiny thoughts that waft into your mind, if they are not true, let them go.

If you want to create a life that is happy and healthy, then think about little things that are true for you and see how they grow.

Maybe even spend time, not thinking – just being.   It will be peaceful and it will grow too.

May your thoughts be good for you

Tracy xx

Are you caught in the fridge?

I went to make fresh mint tea this morning.   I got the mint out of the fridge and began picking the leaves for the tea pot.  Surprisingly a little green frog fell out of the bunch of mint.  As I looked at his lifeless body, I felt quite devastated that this poor little frog had come to its end in my fridge in the bunch of mint.

I began planning where I could lay him rest.  A glimmer of life caught my eye, his arm moved.  I turned him over, got some water and took him out to my pot plant garden.   I put some water on the garden and went to place him down.  He became quite alive.  Excited at the thought he had been reborn or at least revived, I put him down in the garden where he promptly decided to get out of the pot and go somewhere else.

It got me thinking about his situation:

  • Did the frog choose to go into the mint paddock?
  • Did the frog accidently get caught in the mint being picked?
  • Did the frog choose his circumstances and could he choose to get out of them?

Sometimes we choose the circumstances we find ourselves in life.  Sometimes life chooses the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Sometimes we need a new perspective to get out of both.

Circumstances where we might feel trapped, shut down or tired, are times for reflection about:

  • who we are
  • why we are here
  • what do we need to do

It about quietly taking the time to absorb those lessons so that we learn and grow, to be who we really are and when your ready, a new perspective will help guide you out of the cold.  Thank you to the little green frog for your wisdom and perspective this morning.

Enjoy  Tracy xx

The gift

In life we all have difficult periods.  I for one have had few, we are all human aren’t we?

Some of those experiences I had packaged up in box and put them (metaphorically speaking) in the back of my cupboard, not to be talked about. Over the years I have done a lot of personal healing on myself and I had dealt with that issue, but it was in the box none the less.

I received a phone call out of the blue from a person I had not spoken to in 20 years.  This person said “no hard feelings…..”.  I realised that I had put a time capsule in the box in the back of the cupboard.  This time capsule, held moments, emotions and situations from an era long past.

As this boxed was opened, I realised life had moved on.  Nothing stands still and I had been hanging onto it ‘like it was 1965’.  With that relevation in mind that time, people and situations have all changed, I let go of it all.  I was really grateful.

My whole life came back into fullness and I remembered the joy of my life.

So thank you for the gift I was given through that phone call.


Do you have any time capsule boxes in the back of your cupboard?

Bring them out, look at them from the view point of 2012, are they true today?

Let them go, be whole.  You deserve it.

Tracy xx

What is the PH level of your soil?

Is stuff happening in your life that you don’t want or is your life happening exactly how its meant to?  Read on if you answered yes to the first part of the question!

I recently met a wonderful lady ‘Cheryl’ who went to Uganda to work with women and she asked them what their vision was.  “They wanted to know the acid/alkaline balance or ph of their soil. This would enable them increase its fertility; grow more and different crops; gain access to markets, with the end result being an increase in their income to pay school fees for their children.” (Cheryl August 2012)”  http://blog-bigbeyond.org/inspiring-women

It got me thinking, what is the PH level in the soil of my life?  Do I have toxic things in my life that don’t allow me to grow and be the person I want and am meant to be.

I recognised negative emotions make me toxic. So I asked myself this question –

“What is in my life that emotionally stirs me up?”

  •  Sorry but I had some people in my life that trigger emotions that stir me up
  • I had some food choices that emotionally stir me up
  • I make choices and then do things that emotionally stir me up

So I got rid of those things.

  • I unfriended myself from some people on facebook, I removed myself from groups and associations that I no longer resonate with.  I felt lighter.
  • I decided to continue not to drink caffeine and have herbal teas instead. I also chose not to eat potato chips.  I felt lighter.
  • I made some choices about letting go of some the goals and expectations I had placed on myself that are just not right in my life right now.  I felt lighter.

The PH level in my soil changed.  Life began to feel better, flow more and things came to me easily.

Keeping the PH level in my soil is an ongoing process because life happens around us, to us and with us.  Make sure the thoughts, words, choices and actions are improving the PH level of your soil every moment.

You will be surprised at how your life will flow and what sort of things will grow over a lifetime.

Enjoy Tracy xx

Game of life

Who has played monopoly?  I have.  It’s a great game and a time honoured classic.  Trying to buy Park Lane and Mayfair, or a railway station or two, building houses and hotels picking up chance cards along the way, paying debts and collecting $200 as you pass “Go”.

The ‘game of life’ is just like playing monopoly.   We start at “Go” and are born.   We journey round the board, growing up, going to school, getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, until we get back to “Go” and collect our $200 and  start all over again in a new phase in our lives.  This phase might be, get a job, get married, buy a home, have kids, pay debts until we get back to “Go” and collect our $200 and then start all over again in another new phase in our lives.

A spiritual journey is exactly the same as playing monopoly.  We start at “Go” and we go in search of ourselves.  Along the way we collect, knowledge, skills, money and material possessions. Things that we believe are important to us.   Along the way we also pay the price for taking on beliefs, attitudes and rules that do and don’t serve ourselves.  But the question of a spiritual journey is, did we find ourselves?

Eventually what happens on a spiritual journey, is we begin to play the ‘game of life’ based on who we are, our authentic selves, not what others want us to be.  As we journey around the board with this mindset, we take off the layers that we have put on to protect ourselves.  We take off the masks to hide what we believe.   We speak our truth.  We get back to “Go” and realize that we have always been ourselves. We just didn’t know it, act it or believe it.

We now trust in ourselves, believe in ourselves and act and speak our truth.

When we get back to “Go” to collect our $200,  we find that we are now living a simpler life, taking only that which we need.  Meaning that $200 goes so much further than it ever did.  Simpler needs mean it is far easier to be happy and whole in your life.

So do you really believe in who you are?

Do you speak your truth in every moment of your life?

Are you wearing any masks that you hide behind?

Do you compromise your life for the sake of others?


An alternate way to think, feel and be, that may be more useful for you, is ask yourself in every moment in your ‘game of life’;

  • Is this right for me?
  • Is this what I need?
  • Am I happy?

You cannot be of service to others, until you are of service to yourself.

Are you being who you really are in every moment of your life?

Authentically me – Tracy xx


Creation: A process of healing through medicine making

When creating something, whether it is sewing a new outfit, cooking a beautiful meal, or even creating a medicine tool, you are bringing new things or ways of being into your life.  It will also mean letting go of things, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you anymore.

I love creating and medicine shield making is one way I create.   It is a process that takes time.  I may find a beautiful stick on a walk that talks to me and invites me to pick it up and bring it home.  That stick may sit on my balcony or in the lounge room for months till one day, I have a flash of inspiration, of what I am meant to do with it.

A picture will form in my head about what I am meant to do.  I will ponder and perturbate that thought, knowing that the creation process has begun.

This stick (shown in the picture below)  appeared to be a person that wanted wings.  As the thoughts churned around in my mind, I thought it could be an angel, but alas no, that was not meant to be.  My creative connection decided it would be a bat.

As soon as I know my creative idea has crystalised, I get a sense of urgency.  I must create this now.  Nothing else matters.  So with excitement and passion I go about the creation process for making a medicine shield.

For this shield, I first cut out templates for the bat wings.  I then commence assembling the medicine shield.

I break rules when I create things. I let go of the, should’s, must do’s, have to’s and just allow what is happening.

I allow the medicine shield to come alive with each step of the creating.  I tension the leather wings onto the stick.

I love to use nature, food, or any natural item I can, to create my vision and in this case the vision of the bat.   Here I have used lentils to create the bat wing forelimbs.

Lastly when I feel it is done.  I birth the medicine shield with my drum, bringing it to life with the heart beat of mother earth and because I have given birth to this creation, it is a part of me.

So this bat medicine shield shamanically signifies rebirth.  At this point in my life I was rebirthing into a new way of being.  I had let go of old ways of living, acting and reacting.  The medicine shield signifies my personal journey.  It is healing me, it is allowing me to grow and evolve.

Anything that you create is allowing you to heal, grow and evolve.  So go and create something, a meal, a beautiful posy of flowers, create anything and experience that beautiful healing of creation.