Do your feet really touch the ground?

Have you ever been on a holiday or worked overseas? Whilst flying your feet really don’t touch the ground until you arrive at your destination.

Do you feet really touch the ground

Do you feet really touch the ground

When we walk around in our daily lives here at home, we are connecting with the energies of our land and our ancestors.  Our parents, grandparents and maybe even great grandparents have toiled the land here in Australia in whatever form of work they did.   Their blood and sweat have been left in the earth here in Australia.  So we are feeling that energy in our land and of our ancestors.


When you go to another country, you are connecting with another person’s land, and another person’s ancestors.  However you may also be connecting with your land and your ancestors of a past life as well.

Another landThe energy is different, it will feel different if you are sensitive enough to notice.   Maybe you have never really even thought about it before.

When I returned to Australia the last time I was away, I felt a bubbling within my feet as I touched Australian earth, it felt like I was recalibrating with my life, the land and ancestors here.

Next time you go somewhere allow your feet to really touch the ground and feel the land, you might be surprised.

Connecting to the land Tracy x

Are you scared of scarcity?

Scarcity means we don’t have enough, money, food, water or love.

Are you scared of scarcity?

Are you scared of scarcity?

Are you scared of scarcity?

What I have found travelling through outback Australia is that the indigenous cultures, dealt with scarcity in ways that meant they were never in scarcity.

So how did they do that?



They honoured the resources that were in abundance or in scarce supply.  They only ever used as much as they needed, no more.  They knew that in abundant times, not to take all that was there, so as to provide opportunities for regrowth for the next season or the next year, or for those that came after.

We in the city have become complacent with our resources.  We have an abundance of water, food, for some money and others love.  When we don’t honour those resources we have and when they become scarce we can become scared.  What will we do?

Honouring and respecting all your resources

Honouring and respecting all your resources

My answer is this, live with honour for all that you have, all the resources in your life, such as water, food, money and love.  Honour them, use them for what you need, prepare for times of scarcity when abundance abounds.

When we honour and respect our resources we can live comfortably in times of scarcity and in times of abundance.  A lesson well worth learning.

With honour and respect Tracy xx

Who is the ruler of the desert?

We are currently travelling through Central Australia. It is hot and dry and the sun bakes the land.  I have asked myself the question, who is the ruler of the desert?

Desert ruler?

Desert ruler?

What I have found is that the element of water, the feminine influence is in control. She is the giver of life.  She has been here thousands of years ago and she is still here now.  We must remember to honour her and give her the respect she deserves because she is the creator of life in the desert.

In desert where the sun shines and the masculine influence is predominant, it is still controlled by the feminine. Tribal cultures have always known this, we in the city are oblivious to this.  Our water is on tap, if it is hot, we go inside and turn our air conditioners on.  If we are hungry we go to the supermarket to buy our food.  Everything is convenient, we do not have to think about the balance in nature.

The real desert ruler

The real desert ruler

So how does that relate to us?  To live a balanced life we can be predominantly masculine in the way we live ours lives, driven and focused but we must temper that respectfully and honourably with our feminine side, our giver of life.

Learning a new respect and balanced way of life.

Tracy x

Lost – are the answers in the forest, the trees or the leaves?

There are times in our lives where we can feel lost. We can ask for help from our friends and special loved ones and they help us to find out where we are.

But there are also times when we can ask for help when we are lost and it feels like we are in the forest.  We can become so overwhelmed that now the only thing we see are the leaves.

Getting bogged down in the detail of situations can put you into a place that is not useful.

There is a way out  and you can find clarity.   Lets fly like the eagle and look at the forest.

The forest is like a map.

Maps are great because they give you the overview of a place. An in-car navigator can direct you down streets which are the leaves of the forest and direct from where you are to where you want to go.  Remember though the in-car navigator is still looking at the world from the overview, they are still looking at the forest.  They have zoomed in for your next step.

There can also be times we might be looking at the something in our life that is 6 months down the track and we dont know how we are going to get there.  In the forest that would be the trees.  But the route from where you are, to where you want to be is unclear.  Again it is about looking at your situation from the forest perspective and finding a track from where you are, to where you want to go.

Navigate through life, using the forest, the trees and the leaves because all aspects help us to move forward in balance and there is beauty and learning in really seeing the forest, the trees and the leaves.

Much love Tracy x

Is it easier to have an instant garden than to grow your own?

How many of us want things now?

I know I do at certain times in my life, especially when I am tired, sick of myself or impatient.

I was given an opportunity to do something this week, that was really important and worthwhile.  I would have been really pushed to get it done in the time frame in a quality way.   I was guided to I look at the situation this way.

Is it easier to have an instant garden or to grow your own from seedlings?

When people build a house they get two options, they can either get a landscaper in and do an instant garden or they do it themselves.  If they are impatient and they want their house completely done, they might pick the landscaper.  He/ She would come in, put in mature plants, grass paving etc and their garden could look like it has been there for 20 years.

What happens though, is that instant garden dies off after about a week, even just a little. Looks great for a couple of days but the garden doesn’t have the strength in its foundation. It could  be sustained, but it takes a lot of tending.

So should you take the time to plant your garden from seedlings, giving them time to grow roots, to grow with the sun and truly embed themselves in your soil?

With my situation I decided to take the time, plant the seedlings and not be rushed.  I want strength in my foundations and create something that will last.

What do you choose you in your life?

Enjoy Tracy x

To live your truth takes strength and courage.

Lately my life has been letting me see my truth, in black and white.

It is funny how we can be far easier on others than ourselves.  I find it is easy to see other peoples truth, what is going on in their lives.  I can chat comfortably with them and give them a gentle prod to help them see what is happening. But when it comes to myself, I am harsh, unforgiving and I hold myself to a higher standard.

We went camping for the last 4 days. I find camping a great place to reconnect with mother earth, the animals and the elements.

We were watching the Osprey fishing for his daily meals.  Its quite windy where we were, so the Osprey could hold itself in the wind without much flying required.

I noticed small movements in his tail feathers when he wanted to go forward or a flattening and spreading of his tail feathers to stay put.

He dove down to into the water and grabbed a fish, came out slightly but then back down into the water.

I watched in amazement at first, as I thought he was adjusting his talons to keep a hold of the fish, but this took too long.  My amazement turned to horror, as wave after wave washed over him.  I thought he was going to drown.  I started to say to my husband, should we go in and save him.

But after a while, he flew out of the water and shook his feathers off, with no fish.

What was the truth, how did he stay in the water that long and survive?

As a shaman, nature and animals will represent messages from Great Spirit.  So I looked at that situation and thought what was the message for me?  If the Opsrey represented a part of me, was I seeing the truth of my life?

  • Does the Osprey catch every fish it goes for? No
  • Do I expect to catch every fish I go for? Yes
  • Do I dive into life with high expectations?  Yes
  • Do I expect things to be successful? Yes
  • Do I flounder around in the waves when things don’t go right?  Yes
  • Was the Osprey floundering around in the waves?  No I don’t think so
  • Do I emotionally stay in those situations too long? Yes
  • Did the Osprey stay in the water too long? No
  • Am I able to get myself out of situations and learn from them? Yes
  • Do I see all aspects of truth in my life? No – my expectations hide the truth from me.
  • Does the Osprey learn from not catching the fish? Yes and I learn from my mistakes and I have a lifetime to do that.

It takes strength and courage to see your truth.

Be gentle on yourself when catching the fish in your life, because you wont catch every fish and you will learn and grow.

Tracy xx

What is the PH level of your soil?

Is stuff happening in your life that you don’t want or is your life happening exactly how its meant to?  Read on if you answered yes to the first part of the question!

I recently met a wonderful lady ‘Cheryl’ who went to Uganda to work with women and she asked them what their vision was.  “They wanted to know the acid/alkaline balance or ph of their soil. This would enable them increase its fertility; grow more and different crops; gain access to markets, with the end result being an increase in their income to pay school fees for their children.” (Cheryl August 2012)”

It got me thinking, what is the PH level in the soil of my life?  Do I have toxic things in my life that don’t allow me to grow and be the person I want and am meant to be.

I recognised negative emotions make me toxic. So I asked myself this question –

“What is in my life that emotionally stirs me up?”

  •  Sorry but I had some people in my life that trigger emotions that stir me up
  • I had some food choices that emotionally stir me up
  • I make choices and then do things that emotionally stir me up

So I got rid of those things.

  • I unfriended myself from some people on facebook, I removed myself from groups and associations that I no longer resonate with.  I felt lighter.
  • I decided to continue not to drink caffeine and have herbal teas instead. I also chose not to eat potato chips.  I felt lighter.
  • I made some choices about letting go of some the goals and expectations I had placed on myself that are just not right in my life right now.  I felt lighter.

The PH level in my soil changed.  Life began to feel better, flow more and things came to me easily.

Keeping the PH level in my soil is an ongoing process because life happens around us, to us and with us.  Make sure the thoughts, words, choices and actions are improving the PH level of your soil every moment.

You will be surprised at how your life will flow and what sort of things will grow over a lifetime.

Enjoy Tracy xx

To be or not to be – disempowered – that is the question!

Balance is one of the keys to a happy healthy life no matter what you are doing.

It is said that in order to know something you must experience the opposite of it, in order to know and understand what it actually is. So to be balanced, you must experience being, out of balance.

One of the key aspects within us that helps us be in and out of balance are our masculine and feminine energies. People who are driven, active, logical and goal focused have strong masculine energies. People who are passive, inactive, emotional, be in the present moment have strong feminine energies.  Both are vital in a balanced life.  Sometimes going slower is actually going faster in life.

For one who likes to get things going, moving forward, going slower or even being stopped is frustrating for me.  I have strong masculine energy and I like that about me, it has served me well throughout my life, or has it?

Recently my husband and I went camping at the beach.  It was beautiful, time to get a away, rest, rejuveniate, catch up with nature, water, plants, watch the birds, and collect rocks and shells etc. One day I got sick.  I spent the whole day in bed in the tent.  Good thing it was cold weather.  I came away feeling like I wasted the day, but did I really waste the day?

Have you ever heard of the principle of polarity (Hermetic principles)?  It states, everything has an opposite.   For example: black and white, success and failure, love and fear, even male and female.  A practical example of the principle of polarity is the sea tide.   High tide the water is in and at low tide the water is out.  The common theme here is the water  – you.  If we relate this principle of polarity to you, in order to experience your strengths or your light aspects, you must know your areas of development or the dark aspects of yourself.

As I journeyed through being unbalanced whilst away camping.  I realized that by sitting doing nothing I was feeling, I was experiencing feminine energy big time. This was uncomfortable for me, it is not my usual way of operating, I usually run from this.   I was feeling what was going on in the present moment.  What it gave me was a perspective and empathy for others who know only this state of being.  There was power in exploring it, understanding it, recognizing it, learning and evolving in it.

I used to believe that sitting in emotional states that were not useful for you and not doing anything about it, was disempowering.  I was wrong, I found that this was an empowering experience.

My old way of behaving using masculine energy to drive me would have been similar to, dipping my toe in the emotion, recognizing what was going on, clearing the emotion, push through it and get up and out of bed.

I used to believe that dealing with feelings and moving on, was a more empowering way of living my life.   I now recognise that this way of operating for me, was disempowering because I wasnt allowing myself to experience the polarity of the emotion or situation.  To experience the low and high tide of any situation allows you freedom and wholeness.

Through denying one aspect of the polarity of your life, you disempower yourself. To be balanced in our lives means we need to move between the active masculine states of being and passive feminine states of being, to gain to empowerment and wholeness in our lives.

So live, see both ends of the spectrum.   Be the water, flow with your masculine and feminine energies wherever they take you.

To be and not be – empowered.   That is question and the answer!

Tracy xx


Transformation – Breaking out of your cocoon

Yesterday I journeyed with some wonderful people to facilitate their ‘making a drum’.

Drum makers enter the day thinking they know who they are – unrealized potential.      They leave the day transformed into who they really are – awakened.

Drum making is a powerful experience. All medicine making is powerful and transformative.

Most of us start our day by ritually having a shower, putting on our make up or shaving and getting dressed for work.

When making medicine, we too have a ritual, it is creating sacred space.  I created our sacred space by bringing in, the four directions, four elements, sun, moon, sky, mother earth, great spirit, our ancestors, guides and animal totems.  Here it is represented in the photo.  This ritual is preparing for the transformation.


Here is where the transformation journey of the larva to the butterfly begins.  All of us have potential within us to transform ourselves, but not just once, many times.

At the start of drum making, we meditate to meet the deer, who has gifted us the hide we will use to make the drum.

We then commence cutting out the hide and the lacing, to make the drum.   Old thoughts, emotions and behaviours come out for us to release, knowing they are being healed.  It is useful to recognise these emotions and know what they mean for us.

For the larva it is about building the cocoon and going within.  It is about being in the dark, with aspects of ourselves that we may have avoided, don’t want to face, that need healing.

Next starts the process of binding the back of the drum, by tensioning the drum head over the hoop.  This is challenging and more phsycially demanding than people realize.  It is time for the butterfly to break out of the cocoon.  No one can help the butterfly, for if they do, the butterfly will not have the blood or life force energy in their wings to fly.  So undertaking this process with the hide knotting and losing ones way, is part of what happens as we bind the back of the drum on our own.






As the end comes near and the final tensioning of the back of the drum occurs, a new found sense of freedom emerges for the drum makers.  A transformation.  The drum has taken form, it has beauty and power.  Drum makers know the struggle they went through to create their drum. So it is with pride they show their drums to others.  They recognise what the journey of transformation is.

So as my drum participants left the day with their drum in their hands, they were not the same people.  They were all transformed, awakened with a new found belief in themselves.  Look at them sparkle, they are ready to fly.

So transform yourself, break out of your cocoon and empower yourself in your life.

Tracy xx

Nature’s Totem Pole

Trees catch my attention no matter where I go.

I have a few favourite trees on my walks.  Trees that have spoken to me and given me gifts of sticks for the medicine I make in the form of: medicine shields, dream catchers and wands, all of which are healing tools.

Today a tree caught my eye.  I loved the way the bark of the tree spiraled up the trunk.  The spiraling gives it is strength to withstand the elements of its life.  When anything catches my eye, I take a picture so that I can share it.  I capture the moment.

What I did notice in this tree this morning was a face at the bottom of it.  The smiling face of the tree spirit.   Then as I looked more, I began to notice the natural totem that appeared in this tree. Here is what I saw from the bottom moving up, a bat, smiling mans face, boar, snake and lastly a seahorse.

Totem poles were monument carvings in trees by indigenous groups.   They were known to recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events.

No tribe carved nature’s totem pole, it has just grown naturally in this tree and luckily for me, today I saw it.

As I look for the message and the meaning behind me noticing nature’s totem pole today, I will consider the symbols in their sequence from the totem pole, to each shape I saw.   Here is the message from nature’s totem pole today:

  • Today is an important day for you.  Remember to treasure every day as a gift.
  • Sometimes we need to rebirth ourselves, as we have taken on beliefs, attitudes and things that don’t serve us anymore.
  • Enjoy every day and be happy.
  • Be strong.
  • Allow things in your life that don’t serve you, to pass through you, without affecting you.
  • Integrate the wisdom within.

I hope you find this as powerful a message as I did today.

Tracy xx