Mean to dream?

Do you dream?  Do you remember your dreams? Do you know what you dreams mean?

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Dreams are powerful messages from your higher self or guides, to help you on your path and make choices in life.

Now don’t go rush out and buy a dream decoding book, because that wont work.

Every bodies dreams are different, so a one size book does not fit all.  We are all different, having different experiences.  There are things that we like or don’t like compared to others, we watch different movies, eat different foods etc.  You have your own dream decoding book within your head.  It is about helping you to access it.

As soon as you wake up in the morning write your dream down. If you don’t remember your dream, then maybe you are not meant to.   If the dream is really memorable and you think about it all day, this dream is really important for you.

Here is my dream decoding advice:

  • Note the theme of the dream.  Themes can be planes, or movie stars, or motorbikes.  You might get multiple dreams about the same themes.

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  • Work out what the theme (plane, movie star, motorbike) means to you.  A plane might mean work for example.
  • Dreams are symbolic, so as well as themes, other symbols will appear in your dreams.  For example bread may mean money to you, or a motorbike might symbolize freedom and balance.
  • Begin to develop your own dream theme and symbol meanings, write them down.
  • Understand the dream is a message that is a metaphor just for you, a story coded especially for you.
  • Interpret what you think the dream is saying for you. A book really won’t help you here.
  • A couple of days or weeks after the dream, see if it helped you in life.

It is exciting to have a dream and recognise its message.  Why not give it a go, remember no one else is dreaming your dreams, just you.

Tracy xx