How flexible are you?

Gymnasts are extremely flexible.  They can contort their bodies into unusual shapes, places and even fly through the air.  Why is it they can do it and you can’t?

Being flexible

Being flexible

They have trained their bodies to be really flexible.  Could you train yourself to be flexible?  Do you have to be a gymnast to be flexible?

Life curveballWhen life throws you a curve ball, how flexible are you?  Could you catch the curve ball of life or duck and miss it?

We need to be flexible with our minds, thoughts, emotions and actions.

FencesIf you are inflexible it is because you have put up fences or rules around yourself to operate within.  You have confined your life, choices, actions and emotions.  So instead of a being fenced in a paddock, maybe your could move the fences outward and put them around the country you live in, or better yet, move your fences to the edge of the universe.

Drop in the ocean

Drop in the ocean

Or maybe even think of yourself as a drop of water in the ocean, rather than the confines of pond.

Being flexible means that life will still throw curve balls at you, but you will have the flexibility to catch the ball, or duck it, or even move off the playing field altogether.

Being flexible means the world will move slower and you will have more choice in what you do, say, feel and think.

Being a drop in the ocean.

Tracy xx