Do you really feel yourself?

Now that sounds a little rude doesn’t it?  Do you really feel yourself?  Do you really feel what is going on for you? Are things right for you, or not right for you?  Are you living your life?

Do you feel yourself

Do you feel yourself

Do you feel your truth?

Sometimes people can go through life numb, or ignoring their feelings and messages.  Sometimes people are so focused on others, they forget to feel what is right for themselves.  Sometimes people don’t know where to even start to look about how they feel.  Sometimes people don’t want to look or feel.

how_to_feel_good_about_yourself_everyday_1Feeling your truth is about really connecting with yourself.  It is about living your truth in each and every moment.

When you live your truth, you will be making statements to yourself like:

  • This is right for me
  • I am happy.
  • I am upset.
  • I love myself.
  • I am jealous.
  • I am living my life.
  • I am scared.
  • I am trusting in what comes to me.
  • I have surrendered.

You can ask yourself these statements as questions.  Feel the answers. Your heart, your body, your soul will tell you the answers.   They will tell you your truth.

Feel your truth

Feel your truth

Don’t turn off your feelings.  Don’t numb yourself to your truth, both good and not so good.  Being in your truth is powerful, brave and courageous.

Truthfully yours Tracy xx


Everyone is on a pilgrimage

For centuries people have been undertaking sacred pilgrimages all over the world.  Christian pilgrims have walked along the Camino Way to Santiago De Compostela and Muslim pilgrims make their way to Mecca once in their lifetime.   I have recently had a friend and a cousin who have walked the Camino Way and I was interested to watch the movie made of the journey, called “The Way”.

Pilgrimadge path Camino WaySacred pilgrimages made me think about life.  Each of us is searching, whether it be for happiness, love, or for our purpose.

Pilgrims journeyEveryone is on a pilgrimage, it is a journey that each of us travel throughout our lives, to find the truth of who we are.

Our journeys start by doing what our parents want.  Living our lives according to their rules, values and beliefs.

As we step out of that old way of living, we begin to surrender to what is right in our lives.  When we are surrendering on the pilgrimage journey, we can feel lost and at sea in our lives.

Pilgrims Under the guise of surrender we think we are following the path, but in fact we are still living our life by old values of what we think we should be doing now.  Usually we have replaced those old values given to us by our parents, with new ones that still dont serve us.  They used to work for us in the past, but dont anymore, we have out grown them too.

At this point of our pilgrims journey, we may well become angry.  Angry at ourselves, with feelings of being stuck or thinking we have changed, but in fact we haven’t really changed anything.

going around in circlesWhat occurs next is wallowing.  We wallow in our pain and circle around, scolding ourselves that we should have moved on.  Thinking we had let this stuff go, so we can be our true selves.

Then it happens, true surrender.  True surrender is when you least expect it on the pilgrims path, where step into the truth of who you really are. There is peace in this place.  You might find that you are with people and yet you feel alone, alone in your life.

Finding who you are

Finding who you are

You begin to choose your life.  A life that is right for you, not anyone else.  It is a place of courage.

A pilgrimage is unique and only you can journey on it and surrender within it for yourself.

Journey well

Tracy xx

Can you find yourself on the other side of the globe?

This week as I travelled to the other side of the globe, I felt like I had lost myself.

Have you found yourself on the other side of the globe?

Have you found yourself on the other side of the globe?

After my first day of work over here, I went into doubt.  I asked myself these questions:

  • Did I really know what I was doing?
  • Did I have enough activities?
  • Would my customers be disappointed?
  • Should I really be doing this?
  • Should I be home, safe and sound?
Who am I?

Who am I?

After an evening of working hard, followed by a sleepless night.  I found the answer.

My answer was:

  • Trust in me.
  • I have all the skills I need.
  • I know that I have been doing this for a long time.
  • I have been given this opportunity for a reason.
Trust yourself

Trust yourself

Travelling overseas to the Middle East is part of my spiritual journey, I don’t have all the answers about what the whole of my journey means, just yet.  What I do know, is that sometimes we are given journeys to develop.  Develop things like trust, knowing, and believing.  Journeys to find yourself.

I have found myself, or more of myself on the other side of the globe.

Are you finding yourself, anywhere you are?

See you on the path of self discovery, Tracy xx

Can you walk a path that is not there?

Sometimes on the journey of our lives, you may walk a path that has not been walked before.

Forge your own path

When you forge your own path, you decide where to go and you take those steps.

This is scary because the tried and tested path is easier.

Tried and tested path

Are you brave? Are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Are you brave?

When you forge your own path, you need to be brave and you must trust yourself.

But you may find you doubt yourself. You may find you are full of fear.

This path is rewarding.  You will achieve so much more and be so much more satisfied than you could every realise. When you forge your own path it could be as simple as:

  • Making your own clothes.
  • Living your life, not as your parent have done.
  • Working overseas.
  • Not knowing the outcome of what you are trying to achieve
  • Leaving your stable job

Be brave, forge your own path and you wont be disappointed if you do.

Being brave Tracy xx