Layers, layers and more layers

Have you ever noticed how many layers there are in all things, including ourselves.

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Those layers create depth, colour, contrast, detail, foundations, time, emotions, strength and so much more.

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A music composer may create a film score by firstly creating themes, then building upon those to create emotion, story telling, texture, depth and contrast, through different orchestrations, layered through different instruments played.
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An artist may paint a picture by blocking colours, then building up those colours, contrasting of light and shade, telling a story through colour, contrast, detail, texture and technique.

Organisations have layers built through structures, hierarchies. service provision, people in roles, creating achievements, profits, making mistakes, losses, just to name a few layers.

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The earth is filled with layers including crust, mantle, outer core, inner core, but also the layers of atmosphere, soil, rock, foliage, forests, animals, buildings, roads, people and there are many more.

People are also layered.

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Our layers maybe our past, parents, relationships, children, jobs, emotions, experiences, beliefs, roles, these are just a few there are many more layers that make us who we are.

If you find you are stuck or you have expectations of how fast your journey of evolution should or could be, I would suggest that it may well be because you have not considered all the layers that are involved. Sometimes we may think we are clearing and healing a situation but there is more involved that just the layer that is on the surface. We must dig deeper.

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My advice is recognize the layers, all the layers involved. It will be a surface issue and it will be much more than that. Be in the moment of every moment. Let go of expectations and allow your journey to unfold in all the layers of you. You will begin to understand the depth of who you really are.
Tracy xx

Reflection – what is it a mirror to?

You know I have found life can be fabulous, full of joy and happiness and at other times, life is full of turbulence that can rock me.

It had me wondering, is it me, or is it something else? If it is something else why does it affect me?

When we are in an emotional place. Life reflects a distorted view of us. A bit like the fun mirrors at a carnival.

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Now the question is that because of us?
Sometimes it can be, within us when we are not in a place of peace and harmony, we can send that turbulent ripple of energy out into the world. Our mirror to the world curves. But what might be more true is that the ripples of emotions from others who aren’t in peace and harmony touch the surface of us. We are standing in front of their curved surface. At times we can take on those distorted views from others as being true for us.

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It is a bit like the wash of a boat going past you. It can wash over you and around you, or it can tip you out of your boat.

So how do you stop this turbulence around you. Well you can’t, but what you can do is find that sense of peace and harmony within you and reflect that.

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Remember, as a ripple goes past you, come back into that place peace and harmony.

Mirroring myself instead of others…
Tracy xx

Are you plugged into your power outlet?

Have you ever really found a place where you were truly energised by it?  Where you felt plugged in?  Where there was a source of power that you were connected to?

Single-10A-Power-OutletI have found my power outlet.

It is in the Middle East.  Why there you ask?

plug_sillitoe_2It is a place where I once lived, not in this life but a past life, my last past life before now and I know that to be true.

The great thing about finding this place is, you will come across it unexpectedly when you are ready.  And when you are ready, your life will change. However, you may not have to go overseas to find it.

So what happens when you find it?  You become balanced.  You become whole.  You become aligned.  You become one with all things.


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There is a sense of comfort, a sense of home, a sense of quiet and a sense of peace.

There is understanding.  There is wisdom.  There is time and no time.

To give you a hint about what to notice if you find your power outlet, you will feel it in the whole of your being on every cell when you are there and you will know it to be true.

Plugged in.  Tracy xx

Letting go

I have a couple of weeks before I head down south to visit my family and friends for 10 days.  It is time to visit as there are 2 new great nephews to be introduced to and also to see my Mum who is in full time care with the latter stages of Alzheimer’s.

Upon my return I could be heading overseas again.  I do like to plan so I asked the company I work for in the Middle East for the topics I might be presenting, so I could get organised before I went away on my holiday.

over-under_yale-wolf_nothing_2_u_1000Nothing – no response.

Now that is not unusual, they are busy.

What was unusual was how I reacted.

iStock-balloons-letting-goI let it go.

I decided there was nothing I could do, so I chose to not even think about it.

I also trusted that I will get it done in the two days I have when I return.  2 days is not a lot of time to develop 5 days of training.

So I went about organising my life.  Booked in a couple of drum making clients, a mentoring client, visit to the Doctors all in the last week before I go.

When you let something go and I mean really let it go, if it is meant to come, it will.  Last night I received the email giving me the 4 courses I may need to run.

I don’t have a lot of time but more than 2 days to get organised.

Do you really let go in your life?

Do you really let go of your thoughts as well when you let go?

Letting go.  Tracy xx


Inside Outside Inside

There are some places you go, that you just connect in with.  You get lots of messages and you feel at home.  It is a place of awakening, learning and growing.

Each of us have a place like this.

Do you know how to recognise it?

Do you know where is it?

It is inside yourself, it is the quiet stillness that is within all of us.  It is where the quiet voice whispers wisdom into our ears.

Whisper-in-earIt is outside yourself.   It is in the places in nature that touch you emotionally, that move you and that you feel at home in.  It is where the outside touches the inside of you and there is a sense of peace that comes into us.  There can also be a rush of energy and connection to all things.  It is where the energy of outside whispers wisdom into our ears.

inside_outsideAfter the outside we move within to the inside again where a completeness is found.  It is where the two are combined and peace, harmony and balance are now found.  It is where the whispers of the inside and outside are one and the wisdom of all things.

Knowing whats inside, outside and inside.

Tracy xx

Do you stay or do you go?

How many times have you decided to choose to be with other people, when really you should have stayed at home and been by yourself?

I know when I have chosen to go out rather than choosing to stay at home, I have gotten a headache afterwards, or been really exhausted the next day.

If you have chosen to be with people, there might be a need to be engaging with others.

Masks we put on

Masks we put on

You may put on masks to help you cope such as:

  • “funny you”
  • “entertaining you”
  • “wise you”
  • “parent you”
  • “party person you”
  • “friend you”
Taking off your mask

Taking off your mask

These masks have a part to play in your life, but not when they are at the expense of choosing to just be you.

By choosing to stay in, you may well find that being on your own is rejuvenating.  Sometimes being on your own allows you to just be you and that is why a little voice inside your head says, “no thanks” to an invitation to be with people.  However, at times we can ignore the voice. Our close partners generally are the only other people who really allow us to just be ourselves.

So next time you are asked to join people, tune into yourself and listen, hear what is right for you and ask “Do I stay or do I go now?”

Just be with yourself

Just be with yourself

Take time to just be with yourself, it is a great thing to do.

Enjoying some solitary time Tracy x

Who is the ruler of the desert?

We are currently travelling through Central Australia. It is hot and dry and the sun bakes the land.  I have asked myself the question, who is the ruler of the desert?

Desert ruler?

Desert ruler?

What I have found is that the element of water, the feminine influence is in control. She is the giver of life.  She has been here thousands of years ago and she is still here now.  We must remember to honour her and give her the respect she deserves because she is the creator of life in the desert.

In desert where the sun shines and the masculine influence is predominant, it is still controlled by the feminine. Tribal cultures have always known this, we in the city are oblivious to this.  Our water is on tap, if it is hot, we go inside and turn our air conditioners on.  If we are hungry we go to the supermarket to buy our food.  Everything is convenient, we do not have to think about the balance in nature.

The real desert ruler

The real desert ruler

So how does that relate to us?  To live a balanced life we can be predominantly masculine in the way we live ours lives, driven and focused but we must temper that respectfully and honourably with our feminine side, our giver of life.

Learning a new respect and balanced way of life.

Tracy x

Much ado about nothing

Sometimes in my life I can stress about silly things.

  • Did I do the right thing?
  • Did I park in the right spot?
  • Should I move my car?
  • Will my car get a ticket?

Parking within the lines

I am not much of rule breaker, so it is important that I pay for parking and park within the lines in life.

Do you stress over silly things?  Usually after the situation is over, you will look back and see that your stressing was such a waste of time.  But why was it so important at the time?


It is important because you want things like:

  • To be safe
  • Not get hurt
  • Not break the rules
  • Hurt someone’s feelings
  • Do the right thing

What all this stress is doing to you, is churning you up on the inside.  It certainly does that to me.

My suggestion is ask yourself these two questions when you are stressed:

  • Does it really matter now?
  • After it is all over, will you be worried anymore?
If your answers to these questions are NO then….

Let it go

LET IT GO now and enjoy what you are doing.

Enjoy your life now, because there is much to do about everything else.

Tracy xx


Does life give you a hangover?

Today my day started like this…..

I  woke up this morning at 6am, feeling tired and headachy.

So why was that?  How did life give me a hangover?

Does life give you a hangover?

Yesterday my day started like this……

I got up as usual, at 4.30am, meditated and did Tai Chi.

TaiChi at sunrise

I did some work until lunch time.  We then headed to the Gold Coast to spend some time with family.  I had family visiting from down south and we were meeting for dinner.

I usually have an orange juice when out for dinner, but had to settle for 2 lemon squashes. Soft drink is something that is not in my diet, but unfortunately the Surf Club didn’t have any orange juice that night.

We had a lovely evening and with a 1 hour drive home, we left by 9.30pm.  I am normally in bed by this time.   So by this stage of the evening I was feeling tired.

We got home and I was thinking about going straight to bed, but my husband suggested watching some TV we had taped, to wind down.  At 11.30pm we dragged ourselves to bed.

Remember my day started like this…..

I woke at 6am and felt like I had a hangover.

Sometimes when we do things out of our normal routine, our bodies can physically go out of balance.    A late night and 2 lemon squashes resulted in being tired, having a headache and a fuzzy brain for the day.

You cannot not live your life. But what you can do is listen to what is right for you.

What was right for me, was to drink water instead of soft drink and go straight to bed when I got home.

Live right – drink water

Does your lifestyle give you a hangover? Maybe choose just a few things differently and notice the difference it can make.

Back in balance …..tomorrow!

Do you swing both ways?

As we get older in life, we have habitual ways of operating in our lives that appear to work for us.  We might become successful and be rewarded for those behaviours.

Are they really working for you?

I find that sometimes those ways of behaving in life for success, are a bit like being on a swing and being suspended up one end, for ages.  You cannot sustain this position long term.   However in life you think you can and you do.

When I was in the corporate world I was pursuing the corporate ladder.  I was driven, determined, I got the work done and was rewarded for it.  Little did a I realise that this state of being wasn’t working for me on many other levels.

I was suspended.

In fact I was defying gravity.  When you defy gravity and the natural laws, it means things go out of balance.

If you have been stuck out one way in your life, the only place you are going to go, is back the other way just as far.

For me, it was, drive my life, drive my life, drive my life.  When I swung the other way in my life, it became, rest, rest, rest.  That really was a shock to me.  I didnt realise that I was fighting the laws of phsyics.  You swing one way so far, you have to swing back the other way as far.

This will continue to happen in your life, until you hit an equalibrium point, which is balance.

My best advice is this, recognise how far your are swinging out in your life and then choose not to stay their too long because the consequences are, you are going to swing the other way just as far, until you come into the equalibrium point of life.

Enjoy the swings of life, but stop hanging around out there!!

Tracy xx