There’s are bear in there.

Is there a bear in there and a bear in you?

There’s a bear in there

There are periods of our lives where we enter a cave and we go into the dark.

Pondering your life

It is a place of introspection, a place where we ponder our lives and look at what we are here to do.

Western society tells us we should be, getting going in our lives, moving on, achieving something and being successful.

Tribal cultures tell us that there are times we need to be like the bear.  Hibernate for the winter, nurture ourselves and restore ourselves.

Many people enter a time of hibernation, but they fight it and back out.  They might say ‘it is not what they should be doing’.  So they push on with their lives.  The push through depression, feeling lost, alone and unsatisfied.

Follow your instincts

I suggest we recognize the “bear” times in our lives and be okay with being in the cave.  It is restorative time.  A time to cleanse, to nurture, to be with yourself and your thoughts.

Wisdom within

In the darkness you will become a new you, a you that does not even look like you.

Wisdom within

In the darkness you will find yourself and your inner wisdom.

Just coming out of the cave, love Tracy xx

2 thoughts on “There’s are bear in there.

  1. I’ve really been enjoying your blog posts Tracy… I like this one, and I also really liked the balance one – “do you swing both ways”… I have gotten to that point in my life too where I question if my life is in balance for me, and I as I think about it, I think I’m getting there, albeit rather slowly!

    The hard bit I find is how…. How do you figure out what you want in your life – I need to do some slow stuff and sit in my cave for a while I think!!!!

    • Thanks Sharynne for the feedback, I am enjoying writing them, they are a reflection of my life and journey.
      Go into your cave, ask the part of you inside your heart, what makes you happy? What makes your heart sing with joy? What brings you peace?…..listen quietly and the answer will come. I will then be interested to hear what you find 🙂

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