Do you swing both ways?

As we get older in life, we have habitual ways of operating in our lives that appear to work for us.  We might become successful and be rewarded for those behaviours.

Are they really working for you?

I find that sometimes those ways of behaving in life for success, are a bit like being on a swing and being suspended up one end, for ages.  You cannot sustain this position long term.   However in life you think you can and you do.

When I was in the corporate world I was pursuing the corporate ladder.  I was driven, determined, I got the work done and was rewarded for it.  Little did a I realise that this state of being wasn’t working for me on many other levels.

I was suspended.

In fact I was defying gravity.  When you defy gravity and the natural laws, it means things go out of balance.

If you have been stuck out one way in your life, the only place you are going to go, is back the other way just as far.

For me, it was, drive my life, drive my life, drive my life.  When I swung the other way in my life, it became, rest, rest, rest.  That really was a shock to me.  I didnt realise that I was fighting the laws of phsyics.  You swing one way so far, you have to swing back the other way as far.

This will continue to happen in your life, until you hit an equalibrium point, which is balance.

My best advice is this, recognise how far your are swinging out in your life and then choose not to stay their too long because the consequences are, you are going to swing the other way just as far, until you come into the equalibrium point of life.

Enjoy the swings of life, but stop hanging around out there!!

Tracy xx

4 thoughts on “Do you swing both ways?

  1. I get it! Many roles in life however seem designed to keep us suspended far to one side. It is hard to make changes when this requires changing jobs, careers etc. I wonder too, if a change in attitude, a change in how we respond in those environments could help us swing gently, closer toward the centre point??.

    • Hi Shannyn, absolutely a change in attitude will help us to respond more effectively in those environments, which will lead to swinging closer to the centre point. Tracy x

    • That is amazing, good thing I posted on your dwelling thoughts and not some other topic today haha. Looking forward to see you too xx

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