Who is living in a fairy tale?

Once upon a time…..

Image by www.rebellesociety.com

Image by www.rebellesociety.com

There was a little girl with red hair and she thought she could fly just like Mary Poppins.  She went outside with her umbrella, stood on the stool and jumped.  As she floated to the ground, she knew she had flown.

Now sadly her sisters didn’t believe her.   Was it the wind that caught her light weight or something else?

Image by dream_story_book_by_holliewood1391-d2zonf0Believe it or not we all have stories that may or may not be true.  But you don’t have to be 5 to be telling them, you might be 25, 45 even 75, because our lives are full of stories and our stories are full of perceptions.

Image by ‪sophia-m.deviantart.com

Image by ‪sophia-m.deviantart.com

Most statements people make are littered with perceptions or how they see and experience the world.  So is their world just a fairy tale?

I have spent the week listening to myself and seeing how much of a fairy tale I live in.  I was surprised, I could barely make a statement without it having perceptions all though it.  Why don’t you try it and just see?

There is a nice gentle breeze passing by, I am just going to get my unbrella….


3 thoughts on “Who is living in a fairy tale?

  1. This post reminded me of a story in one of the Walt Disney books. Where you experience everything, from the light, to the dark, lost in between. I do believe fairytales have multiple layering, time delayed information that shows itself when need be.

    I am still looking for that wardrobe!

    I am probably went off on a tangent too lol


  2. Great post. I agree; I think a lot of our perceptions come from ‘indoctrination’ in religion, school, etc. Not that I begrudge the indoctrination; sometimes it is good to have faith and boundaries. But as you say, perhaps we should listen more to what comes out of our own mouths and minds.

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