What is a spiritual home?

Do you know where your spiritual home is? Do you know what it would be like to be there?

homesweet homeA spiritual home is where you and your soul feel comfortable.

It is a place where life flows.

In the flowIt is where doors are unlocked.

It is a place of peacefulness but not outside of you, but on the inside of you.

It is where your heart can open and shine.

It is where time means nothing.

It is where you are authentically you.

authentic selfIt is where you are inspired.

It is where you are truthful to yourself and others.

Have you found your spiritual home?

Everyone can, all you have to do is, be open, ask yourselves the statements above, see if the answers are yes.  If so, you have found your spiritual home.

Living in my spiritual home, Tracy xx

2 thoughts on “What is a spiritual home?

  1. What a lovely post Trac! I wonder if my spiritual homes can be places that I’m yet to visit in this lifetime? Eg since my teenage years I’ve felt a massive pull to Alaska, San Francisco, the Mojave Desert. I am happiest pretending I live in the sixties and protest songs from that era pull back in time with deep familiarity and intense excitement. It’s great to think about such things, thanks again xoxo

    • Leesa, thank you. Yes I feel sure it could be places you are yet to visit and when the time is right you will know when you are there…..Much love Tracy xx

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