Trust is an amazing tool that we all have.  Do you trust in yourself?  Do you trust in yourself as much as you could?

trustTrust has a flow on effect in our lives.  If you trust, all things that you need will come to you.

i-want-more-111795-530-530Trust doesn’t come from ‘ego wants’.  Trust comes from ‘your highest good needs’ and there is a difference.

Everyday whilst I have been away in the UAE I have trusted.  I trusted what I needed would come to me.  Whether I was reading the newspaper or shopping for some food, I found that examples I could use in my sessions based on activities in the UAE arrived for me.   I purchased my special UAE celebratory sunglasses which I used as an example of linear creativity.


Dubai winning the 2020 Expo bid was a great example of strategic management. The rainy weather over here was also another example.  An article in the newspaper about an Emirate citizen that lived without power many years ago was used for creative and innovative thinking, how would you cope if you didn’t have power now.

5-everything-you-needIt is powerful to trust and know that what you need will come your way.

So do you trust?  Watch out that your trust is not dusted with doubt.  It only works if your trust is trust only!

Once you step into the flow of trust it is amazing, powerful, supportive and loving.

Trusting in life, Tracy xx

4 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Trust….. I call it George. George delivers if you have FAITH, that faith is trust plus all sorts of other things. If you have faith, George (god of Carparks, babies & other things) will deliver……

  2. So true! An extract from my Camino Journal earlier this year after a particularly powerful experience at Manjarin, just past the Cruz de Ferro:
    “My greatest lesson on the Camino is to let go of goals and remain aware of what is around me at all times, and to be ready to change my plans at a moment’s notice, following my intuition at all times. This is the key to walking a good Camino…And the Camino is a metaphor for life.”
    But I have to work constantly at cultivating trust.

    • Mike, thank you for sharing your powerful experience on the Camino of trust. The Camino is a metaphor for life and I too cant wait to explore that journey. You are inspirational. Trusting in trust is ongoing. xx

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