Re-entry and reconnection

Walking the wayMy husband and I just have returned from walking the “Way of St James”, an 850klm pilgrimage across Spain for 2 months..  Each day we peacefully put one foot in front of the other and enjoyed the slow pace and simple life that a pilgrimage is.

ReentryNow upon returning home, we are in re-entry and reconnection mode.

Does home feel like home?  Yes it does and no it doesn’t .

As we re-enter our city and commence shopping and doing the things that needed to be done, do we feel comfortable?  No we don’t.  It is faster, noiser, more complex than we have been used to over the last two months.

As we reconnect with family and friends, is it the same or different, are we the same or different?  No we different and yet the same still.

So how do you cope with re-entry?

Slowly, is my answer.  There is an easing back into life.

It takes time. It takes a reconciliation about what you need to take from your journey and incorporate into your life now. Red wine in SpainWe enjoyed drinking chilled red wine in Spain every day, so now our red wine is in the fridge.  We enjoyed drinking coffee everyday, so we have commenced drinking coffee and are easing back into drinking tea.

There is an easing in of new ways of living and an easing into the old ways of living, but now with new perceptions and wisdoms of the old ways.

How long will re-entry or reconnection take?

As long as it takes, by putting one foot in front of the other.

Tracy xx

4 thoughts on “Re-entry and reconnection

  1. All what you said is so true, I always love going to the ocean (not the coasts) and in the country. I was born in the city and lived in the city, but enjoyed our time in the RAAF as the bases were off the beaten track and out of the big cities. I love going back home but after couple days want the out of the way places. Living in a small town it was easy for me to re-enter into the country, but did take a few weeks to be at peace with myself and surroundings. WE always went to our country home for holidays and I just loved the peace and listen to nature and drawing beautiful big gum trees. Life is all about putting one foot in front of the other. Glad you enjoyed your time.

  2. Great article, Tracy. I can only image the adjustment period not only mentally, but emotionally and physically. It was truly amazing what you both achieved.

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