Look at the world differently

As you know John and I like to go to visit Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane.   We find it rejuvenating to go, visit the animals and see the bird of prey show.

As we were walking around looking at the animals I noticed some unusual behaviours.

Firstly the emu walked putting his head on an unusual angle to look at the ground.

Secondly the joey in the kangaroo’s mothers pouch had his head on an unusal angle to look at the ground

Thirdly the Cassowary put his head on an usual angle to look at the ground, similar to that of the emu.

I began thinking as I ate my packed lunch and sipped my tea, what were the animals trying to tell me?  If I put myself in their shoes (shapeshifted) and looked at the world as they had, they were telling me to look at life differently.

By looking at the world differently, new opportunities can be seen, new wisdom can be gained and old ways of habitually seeing things are gone.  So I began to see my world differently and  the potentiality of that is extraordinary.

Messages are everywhere in your life, it is just a matter of noticing them and gaining the wisdom from them.

Enjoy Tracy xx

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