Transformation – Breaking out of your cocoon

Yesterday I journeyed with some wonderful people to facilitate their ‘making a drum’.

Drum makers enter the day thinking they know who they are – unrealized potential.      They leave the day transformed into who they really are – awakened.

Drum making is a powerful experience. All medicine making is powerful and transformative.

Most of us start our day by ritually having a shower, putting on our make up or shaving and getting dressed for work.

When making medicine, we too have a ritual, it is creating sacred space.  I created our sacred space by bringing in, the four directions, four elements, sun, moon, sky, mother earth, great spirit, our ancestors, guides and animal totems.  Here it is represented in the photo.  This ritual is preparing for the transformation.


Here is where the transformation journey of the larva to the butterfly begins.  All of us have potential within us to transform ourselves, but not just once, many times.

At the start of drum making, we meditate to meet the deer, who has gifted us the hide we will use to make the drum.

We then commence cutting out the hide and the lacing, to make the drum.   Old thoughts, emotions and behaviours come out for us to release, knowing they are being healed.  It is useful to recognise these emotions and know what they mean for us.

For the larva it is about building the cocoon and going within.  It is about being in the dark, with aspects of ourselves that we may have avoided, don’t want to face, that need healing.

Next starts the process of binding the back of the drum, by tensioning the drum head over the hoop.  This is challenging and more phsycially demanding than people realize.  It is time for the butterfly to break out of the cocoon.  No one can help the butterfly, for if they do, the butterfly will not have the blood or life force energy in their wings to fly.  So undertaking this process with the hide knotting and losing ones way, is part of what happens as we bind the back of the drum on our own.






As the end comes near and the final tensioning of the back of the drum occurs, a new found sense of freedom emerges for the drum makers.  A transformation.  The drum has taken form, it has beauty and power.  Drum makers know the struggle they went through to create their drum. So it is with pride they show their drums to others.  They recognise what the journey of transformation is.

So as my drum participants left the day with their drum in their hands, they were not the same people.  They were all transformed, awakened with a new found belief in themselves.  Look at them sparkle, they are ready to fly.

So transform yourself, break out of your cocoon and empower yourself in your life.

Tracy xx

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