Sacred spiral – what spins you out

In tribal cultures they talk about a ‘sacred spiral’.   Dancing or moving into the centre means, moving to the core of who you are, your soul, into your power.  Moving out in the spiral means, you have allowed your fears or doubts to overtake you.

Yesterday I made a turtle shaped rattle.  I hand painted the shell on the back.  I was quite proud of my efforts, as I am by no means Picasso.   I decided to share it with my friends on facebook.  Interestingly, other people loved it and I had 2 people say, if I made anymore they would buy them.

This morning I awoke between 4 and 5am.  I had had a dream that had made me tense, with a pain in the neck.  This was not useful.

As I lay in bed, I recapped the dream, there were 3 components:

  • I was with a number of people who had to go a do a task in a big city, my first thought I was going to get attacked or mugged as I had seen someone loitering
  • Then I was worried I did not have enough money (you needed a certain amount and I had to go an get some out of the bank)
  • The last part of the dream I was on my friends farm, I had to stay at the farm whilst everyone else went out and worked.  I felt useless.  Then I saw a really strange amazing animal.   At first I thought it was an eagle.  The feathers turned into fur.  As I looked more closely it out to be a cross between a giraffe, llama and a monkey.

As I lay in bed I realised that each of the 3 parts of my dream were about fears or doubts I had about myself and expectations of myself.

I had spun myself out of my sacred spiral and I was feeling tense.

For the shaman in the city, dreams are rich information, about what is going on and what you need to be.

Looking at the dream as a whole the message I recognised was,

  • Parts of me that I think are useful (worry and fear) may not be.
  • Parts of me that I think are useless (not working like everyone else but experiencing other things) may be useful.

Another message of the dream was:

  • Letting go of my fears allows me to communicate through my heart. (I gathered this message from the last part of the dream about feathers turning into fur)  Feathers are about the element of air and communication. Fur means to me, opening my heart.

The last part of the dream message was about the shamanic animal totem meaning of the combined, eagle, giraffe, llama and monkey.   They represent:

  • Creating and expressing offerings to others, through my working with nature and animals

Recognising how and why we spin out of our sacred spiral, allows us the choice to let go of those things and move back into the centre.

Moving back to the centre

Tracy x

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