Making life palatable

As a young girl growing up, my mother insisted on serving me peas for dinner.  She kindly only gave me about 20 at a time.  I would do everything I could to hide them under my knife and fork, so as not to eat them.  I’ve never found peas palatable.  Their texture and mouth feel have always, even to this day, made me gag.

There are many things in our lives that we resist or don’t want to swallow.   They can be thoughts, beliefs attitudes, advice, choices, even people and their behaviours.  Sometimes when we do take them in, they may us sick and we wished we hadn’t gone down that path.

As the shaman I choose to make all aspects of my life palatable.  Life will flow through me, over me and around me with joy.

So how do I do that?

Here is the tip, I make everything palatable by the “labels” I put on things.

Peas are labeled as a “food I don’t like”.   If I label peas as a “medicine shield paint”, peas become palatable and I embrace them in my life in a way that I can consume.  Here is how I used split green peas, black eye peas and red kidney beans in a “medicine shield paint” palatable way. I loved doing this and working with those “peas”.

On occasions I will right down the items that are creating resistance in my life and I re-label them into things that are palatable in my life.  There is always higher purpose or reason for the thing that is presenting in my life.   When I recognize that and re-label it, I let go of my resistance to it and life becomes palatable.

Taste your life in unique ways and enjoy.


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