Saying goodbye to my old shoes…

You may be aware that my husband and I are preparing to walk “The Way of St James” in 2 months time.  It is a pilgrimage that covers 800klms, travelling from St Jean Pied De Port in France to Santiago De Compostela in Spain.  We have been training for 4 months, testing our boots, packs, clothes etc.

Comfortable oldshoesMy old comfortable walking boots that I have had for 5 years, were doing the trick.  They have let me walk 9klms each morning and 24klms on the weekends.  They were old and comfortable.  I really wanted my boots to last the distance.

IMG_4470But alas, my old boots decided to tell me it was time for them to go. It was their soles, I had worn them out.   I was resisting, I felt undecided about having to purchase new boots, but with only 2 months out from the big walk, this was the time to get new boots and break them in.

So this morning I decided to go and purchase some new boots.  The great thing about my old boots, is they had shown how boots need to feel, when walking.  The sales girl in the shop was very patient with me.  I finally found a pair of boots that seemed to fit. I walked around the shop for about 30 minutes, including walking up and down their little hill to see how they went.

IMG_4472I then made the decision to buy them, thats when I cried!! I realised my boots had carried me on my journey thus far, they had been great and now I was saying good bye.

So I now have some new boots for ‘Walking the Way’.  I trust they will carry me safely and comfortably, the 1 million steps that the ‘Way of St James’ is.

Tracy x

6 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to my old shoes…

  1. I totally get where you are at. When I have to graduate to a new pair of running shoes, after many kilometres together, I bump the old ones to the ‘B’ team, for around the house, then the current ‘B’ team gets bumped to the ‘C’ team for gardening. I have a useful collection of loyal shoes! Hx

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