Are you free or are you really tied up?

Can you imagine what it would be like if you were riding a rollercoaster in a straight jacket?

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Guess what, you and I may well be doing just that…..

Have you experienced emotional highs and lows in life? I have and they are not so fun. The roller coaster ride is just like experiencing our emotional highs and lows. Now life wouldn’t be fun if the ride was flat. So we do need to experience the ups and downs but they don’t need to be as exaggerated as a roller coaster.

Everytime you “expect” something to happen or try and control the situation we are putting on the straight jacket.

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This will come in the form of, I should do…. this must be….I have to… And we do it in all contexts of our lives, work, family, health and finances. Not very freeing really!!

Letting go then means we are open to trusting and knowing that there is an end coming and you will “get there when you get there”. Lets consider the roller coaster, you can’t get off half way through the ride, but you can trust and know the ride will end and you may even enjoy the journey.

Everyone’s straight jackets are different and made up of different types of things about how our lives should be.

My husband reminded me of a quote at breakfast this morning.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

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So take off your straight jacket and trust you are powerful beyond measure and remember you will get “there”.

2 thoughts on “Are you free or are you really tied up?

  1. What a great reminder. Should do .. Have to.. Should have… all serve to tie us up and get us tangled and enmeshed in drama. Trust does indeed free us from all of that. Imagine shaking it all off to be truly free.

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