Hi my name is Tracy Brumby-Cameron, I am the shaman in the city.

I live in an apartment in the city.  In the past I was lost and disconnected. Now I have found my connection to all things and myself through shamanism.  I now make shamanism a part of my everyday life here in the city.


In this blog I will help you to see how to experience shaminism within everyday normal experiences here in the city.  I will categorise the experiences through the following shaman portals:

  • Nature – How do you connect into nature through the trees, clouds, rocks, animals and get the messages for you.
  • Shape shifting – Gaining perspectives and wisdom from shapeshifting into animals to help and heal you
  • Medicine making – Understand how to make medicine tools and learn the messages and meanings from the process.
  • Wisdom – Gaining the wisdom from daily shamanic activities that are right under your nose.
  • Journeys – Experience journeys with me which are within city and outside the city.
  • Sacred spiral – Consciously living to find your true self, your core, whilst understanding how you are taken off balance.

Want to restore your balance with natures healing wisdom?

Visit the Shaman in the city’s other website Sparkle Connection for healings, vibrational products and workshops.

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