90 will you get there?

Meet Edna, she turns 90 tomorrow and is my amazing wonderful Aunt and God Mother.  She is a woman who is wise, compassionate, generous loving soul who has opened her heart and house to many people in need.

Aunty Ed and Uncle Al on their wedding day - the going away outfit.

Aunty Ed and Uncle Al on their wedding day – the going away outfit.

Edna opened her house and heart to me when I was in need.  I was separated from my first husband, she took me in and allowed me to live with her and heal.  For that I am extremely grateful.

She has taught me many things, live in the moment, do not worry, enjoy life and reward yourself because you have worked hard for it.  Eat well and drink champagne no matter what the time of day, because it’s good for you.

Christmas shopping with champagne

Christmas shopping with champagne

She is an amazing master porcelain artist and still paints to this day. She has shown me creativity at its best.  Here is some of her beautiful work that I have around my home.

Edna's art

Edna’s art

Over the years we have spent some great times together.  We go to the movies, shows, have great chats about politics and religion.  I take her Christmas shopping every year and we now shop monthly for her heavy things.  Although she has 2 bionic knees she still gets around quite well.

At Mary Poppins

At Mary Poppins

She has demonstrated that love, an open heart and forgiveness can create a wonderful life.  She has had her ups and downs in life as we all do, she is a survivor of cancer and her husband passed away over 25 years ago.

Edna is a role model, open minded, caring and loving and I hope I am half the woman she is.  Much love to you Aunty Ed.

Tracy xx

When do your underpants become a luxury?

I travel to Abu Dhabi quite a lot to work.  I always take my work in my carry on luggage so that if there is a problem I will always be able to do my job.  I have the most important ‘need’ with me.

Image by http://netdna.copyblogger.com/images/underpants.jpg

Image by http://netdna.copyblogger.com/images/underpants.jpg

This journey my suitcase didn’t make it to Abu Dhabi with me.  The workshop I was conducting would be fine, I just ‘needed’ to buy some clothes to wear to work, toothbrush and underpants.  Just my basic ‘needs.’  The morning of work I rang the airline and my bag had been sent back to Brisbane not onto Abu Dhabi and would take another day to get here.  Oh dear….I thought.  I would have to buy another outfit and underpants for the next day.

Nomadic tribal people only carry what they ‘need’.  This is a great lesson I had already learnt, it is about letting go of stuff that you don’t ‘need’ in life that doesn’t serve any purpose.  It allows you to live a simple life.

I have understood the lesson between needs verses wants in the past too, but this lesson went deeper this time.  This time, I realised my underpants were a luxury!

To my surprise when I returned home from work on my first day my bag had arrived.  It was like a long lost friend that had come back into my life. I had so many things to choose from.  I was so happy, I even changed my clothes.

I realised that my ‘needs’ were in fact the luxuries of my life, they gave me a feeling of abundance and I had great appreciation for all that I have.

Image by http://postmediacanada.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/first-class.jpg

Image by http://postmediacanada.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/first-class.jpg

I also realised that my thoughts about ‘wanting’ to fly business class on my long haul flight home were ludicrous.  As long as my ‘needs’ are met, I am abundant, in the flow of life.

Do you really appreciate what you ‘need’, do you see it as a luxury in your life?

Only when everything is taken away can we really appreciate the true essence of our ‘needs’ as our life’s luxuries.

Taking only that which I need……Tracy x

Is that pimple really yours?

You know, even at the ripe old age that I am, I can still look in the mirror and see a pimple on my face.  I am not 15 anymore, so pimples aren’t a regular occurrence on my skin like they used to be.

Image by alzicx.com

Image by alzicx.com

But when I see a pimple, do I:

  • Blame the chocolate I ate?
  • Blame my woman’s cycle?


  • Take responsibility for my pimple?

Like it or not the pimple is there.  I like to take responsibility for my pimple, so the things I do are:

  • Say hello
  • Thank God for oil in my skin
  • Acknowledge that it is there for a reason – my reason.
  • Nothing or no one has created this pimple but me.
Image by pathtowellness.com.au

Image by pathtowellness.com.au

Pimples are like lessons in life, take responsibility for them, they are yours and yours to learn from.

So love your pimples even at ripe old age….hahaha.

Tracy xx