What animals appear right under your nose?

Animals join us in our lives, even appearing right under our noses, for a number of reasons.  To give us a message or to bring us strength.

TedBelieve it or not, we all have had animals with us from birth.  Here is my Teddy Bear that was given to me so when I was a baby, a long time ago.  He is in good nick and will one day be an antique!

Juvenile white bellied sea eagleThe other day I was driving to the supermarket and I saw a juvenile white bellied sea eagle.  You cant miss a big bird like that.

They will either catch your eye in real life, or appear in a paper or magazine your reading and even on TV programs you might be watching.

The point is they are right under your nose and you have noticed them.  So what does that mean?  It means they have a message to tell you. Let me tell you how do you work that out.

You can buy books that tell you about animal meanings, or you can read my ‘animal message of the week’ on my Sparkle Connection facebook page.  My best tip and the easiest one is:

  • Think about what the animal means to you.
  • Consider what were you thinking about as you noticed the animal, the animal can be confirming your thoughts.
  • Lastly what was the animal doing, what does that mean to you.

Animal right under your noseAnimals journey with us everyday, you don’t have to look far to notice them, they will appear right under your nose.

Tracy xx

Is it the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I am an avid AFL football fan.  In the recent weeks I have listened to many situations that appear to be the truth or part of the truth. I have watched as people have defended their characters with fragments of the truth.

AFL footballI am reminded of other sports whereby peoples reputations have been questioned and they also hung onto fragments of truth.

lance armstrongWhy do people do this:

Is it arrogance?

Is it self belief?

Or is it ignorance?

There are statements such as, “the truth will set you free”, for some of these people the truth might give them a life sentence, but maybe the personal internal sentence is a greater entrapment.

Do you listen and live your truth?  The truth is important to hear about ourselves. Remember it is wrapped up in our self esteem, our pride and our sense of self righteousness.

Breaking freeBeing our truth is powerful.   It means we acknowledge, who we are, what we believe, what we stand for and what we do.

How flexible are you?

Gymnasts are extremely flexible.  They can contort their bodies into unusual shapes, places and even fly through the air.  Why is it they can do it and you can’t?

Being flexible

Being flexible

They have trained their bodies to be really flexible.  Could you train yourself to be flexible?  Do you have to be a gymnast to be flexible?

Life curveballWhen life throws you a curve ball, how flexible are you?  Could you catch the curve ball of life or duck and miss it?

We need to be flexible with our minds, thoughts, emotions and actions.

FencesIf you are inflexible it is because you have put up fences or rules around yourself to operate within.  You have confined your life, choices, actions and emotions.  So instead of a being fenced in a paddock, maybe your could move the fences outward and put them around the country you live in, or better yet, move your fences to the edge of the universe.

Drop in the ocean

Drop in the ocean

Or maybe even think of yourself as a drop of water in the ocean, rather than the confines of pond.

Being flexible means that life will still throw curve balls at you, but you will have the flexibility to catch the ball, or duck it, or even move off the playing field altogether.

Being flexible means the world will move slower and you will have more choice in what you do, say, feel and think.

Being a drop in the ocean.

Tracy xx

Did you see the passerby?

Do you take notice of all the things that pass you by in life?

Do you notice the passerby?

Do you notice the passerby?

It could be people, places, things, but it also could be your experiences, sensations and emotions.

These things that pass you by, occur because you are meant to experience them.  If you don’t notice them, then you have missed an opportunity.  An opportunity to learn, grow, experience, love, live and connect.  How many opportunities have you missed?

Sometimes we are so caught up going somewhere, or being something, rather than experiencing the journey of our lives.

Experience life

Experience life

Seeing a passerby, means focusing on the moment, being present, noticing all things around you and lastly its means living life at a slower pace.

Maybe it is time to let go of the outcome, the goal or what is next, and focus on the here and now.  Consider these options:

  • What if you walked slower?
  • What if you stopped to ponder?
  • What if you saw the colours of life?
  • What if you felt everything?
  • What if you saw meaning in all things?
Slow down and experience life

Slow down and experience life

Try today, being slower, noticing more, seeing life in full colour, experiencing every minute of your life, feeling all your emotions and savouring the tastes of life.  You might be surprised at how much wisdom you gain.

Living life moment by moment, Tracy xx