There’s no place like home

It doesn’t matter whether you are a world traveller or you have never been outside your home town.  There is no place like home.


There's no place like home

There’s no place like home

But where is home?

You can find it in these places:

  • Home is where you are loved.
  • Home is where your heart is filled with joy.
  • Home is where your feet feel like they take root into mother earth.
  • Home is where you lay your head to rest and you are at peace.

Have you found your home?

It is anywhere where you are, you just have to feel its energy within you.

Feeling my home,  Tracy xx

Do you stay or do you go?

How many times have you decided to choose to be with other people, when really you should have stayed at home and been by yourself?

I know when I have chosen to go out rather than choosing to stay at home, I have gotten a headache afterwards, or been really exhausted the next day.

If you have chosen to be with people, there might be a need to be engaging with others.

Masks we put on

Masks we put on

You may put on masks to help you cope such as:

  • “funny you”
  • “entertaining you”
  • “wise you”
  • “parent you”
  • “party person you”
  • “friend you”
Taking off your mask

Taking off your mask

These masks have a part to play in your life, but not when they are at the expense of choosing to just be you.

By choosing to stay in, you may well find that being on your own is rejuvenating.  Sometimes being on your own allows you to just be you and that is why a little voice inside your head says, “no thanks” to an invitation to be with people.  However, at times we can ignore the voice. Our close partners generally are the only other people who really allow us to just be ourselves.

So next time you are asked to join people, tune into yourself and listen, hear what is right for you and ask “Do I stay or do I go now?”

Just be with yourself

Just be with yourself

Take time to just be with yourself, it is a great thing to do.

Enjoying some solitary time Tracy x

Do your feet really touch the ground?

Have you ever been on a holiday or worked overseas? Whilst flying your feet really don’t touch the ground until you arrive at your destination.

Do you feet really touch the ground

Do you feet really touch the ground

When we walk around in our daily lives here at home, we are connecting with the energies of our land and our ancestors.  Our parents, grandparents and maybe even great grandparents have toiled the land here in Australia in whatever form of work they did.   Their blood and sweat have been left in the earth here in Australia.  So we are feeling that energy in our land and of our ancestors.


When you go to another country, you are connecting with another person’s land, and another person’s ancestors.  However you may also be connecting with your land and your ancestors of a past life as well.

Another landThe energy is different, it will feel different if you are sensitive enough to notice.   Maybe you have never really even thought about it before.

When I returned to Australia the last time I was away, I felt a bubbling within my feet as I touched Australian earth, it felt like I was recalibrating with my life, the land and ancestors here.

Next time you go somewhere allow your feet to really touch the ground and feel the land, you might be surprised.

Connecting to the land Tracy x

What ship is your relationship on?

Relationships are funny, we are in them from birth and have no choice.  Initially we are someone’s child, then maybe a sister or brother and even a cousin.  Then as life goes on, we move into other types of relationships that of a, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, partner, spouse, parent and maybe even divorced or separated.

Your relation SHIPS

Your relation SHIPS

Some of these relationships are easy to sail upon.  They are meant to be life long.  Some happen for a period of time or for a lesson.   Some relationships just happen in passing.

How do we determine the difference?

Relationships that are meant to last, are with people you are meant to connect with, they take the time for you and you for them.

When a relationship becomes difficult, one way or they don’t speak to you anymore, it means that these relationships are not meant to be or are finished with. They are the lesson relationships or passing relationships.

Pulling the relation SHIP

Pulling the relation SHIP

Sometimes we want to hang on to those difficult relationships, because we thought we were friends, or because we don’t want to face up to the reality of the situation, that the relationship is over.  The more we try and hang on, the more it can feel like dragging the ship backwards against the current.

Now is the time to be honest with yourself and let go of those relationships that are over and begin the smooth sailing of your life.

Plain sailing relation SHIPS

Plain sailing relation SHIPS

And remember, connect with the people who want to connect with you, you will know who those people are.

Connecting Tracy x