Does life give you a hangover?

Today my day started like this…..

I  woke up this morning at 6am, feeling tired and headachy.

So why was that?  How did life give me a hangover?

Does life give you a hangover?

Yesterday my day started like this……

I got up as usual, at 4.30am, meditated and did Tai Chi.

TaiChi at sunrise

I did some work until lunch time.  We then headed to the Gold Coast to spend some time with family.  I had family visiting from down south and we were meeting for dinner.

I usually have an orange juice when out for dinner, but had to settle for 2 lemon squashes. Soft drink is something that is not in my diet, but unfortunately the Surf Club didn’t have any orange juice that night.

We had a lovely evening and with a 1 hour drive home, we left by 9.30pm.  I am normally in bed by this time.   So by this stage of the evening I was feeling tired.

We got home and I was thinking about going straight to bed, but my husband suggested watching some TV we had taped, to wind down.  At 11.30pm we dragged ourselves to bed.

Remember my day started like this…..

I woke at 6am and felt like I had a hangover.

Sometimes when we do things out of our normal routine, our bodies can physically go out of balance.    A late night and 2 lemon squashes resulted in being tired, having a headache and a fuzzy brain for the day.

You cannot not live your life. But what you can do is listen to what is right for you.

What was right for me, was to drink water instead of soft drink and go straight to bed when I got home.

Live right – drink water

Does your lifestyle give you a hangover? Maybe choose just a few things differently and notice the difference it can make.

Back in balance …..tomorrow!

Do you swing both ways?

As we get older in life, we have habitual ways of operating in our lives that appear to work for us.  We might become successful and be rewarded for those behaviours.

Are they really working for you?

I find that sometimes those ways of behaving in life for success, are a bit like being on a swing and being suspended up one end, for ages.  You cannot sustain this position long term.   However in life you think you can and you do.

When I was in the corporate world I was pursuing the corporate ladder.  I was driven, determined, I got the work done and was rewarded for it.  Little did a I realise that this state of being wasn’t working for me on many other levels.

I was suspended.

In fact I was defying gravity.  When you defy gravity and the natural laws, it means things go out of balance.

If you have been stuck out one way in your life, the only place you are going to go, is back the other way just as far.

For me, it was, drive my life, drive my life, drive my life.  When I swung the other way in my life, it became, rest, rest, rest.  That really was a shock to me.  I didnt realise that I was fighting the laws of phsyics.  You swing one way so far, you have to swing back the other way as far.

This will continue to happen in your life, until you hit an equalibrium point, which is balance.

My best advice is this, recognise how far your are swinging out in your life and then choose not to stay their too long because the consequences are, you are going to swing the other way just as far, until you come into the equalibrium point of life.

Enjoy the swings of life, but stop hanging around out there!!

Tracy xx

How do you know if you are living from your head or your heart?

I don’t know about any of you, but I have spent a considerable amount of time, working out – do I operate out of my head or my heart, in life?

As you know I am all about living a balanced life.

When I worked in the corporate world, I was logical, organized, good at problem solving, finding answers and solutions.  A very head based lifestyle.

Now that I live life as the shaman in the city, I find I live a different life.  I listen to what is right for me, what I need to do and I go with the flow in life.  A heart based lifestyle.

When life goes out of balance, it is because you have gone into your head to work out what was the right thing for you to do.  You weighed up the “should’s”, “musts”,” have to’s” etc.

When a decision needs to be made, it is best to look down, focus into your heart and feel what is right for you.

How do you know that you have done this right?

The trick to knowing is, your voice will be lower and your attention will be at your heart for heart based decisions.

If you have come from the head, your eyes will be up, your voice higher pitched and your awareness will be in your head.

Lets give it a try with a decision about, what do you want to eat for breakfast?

  • Look up, go into your mind and ask the question (what do I want to have for breakfast this morning) and answer it out loud.   Pay attention to the tone of your voice and how it felt.  Then……
  • Look down, go into you heart and ask the question again and answer it out loud. How was your tone of voice this time and how did it feel?

Which one felt right?

I guarantee the heart based answer will be what you really want and need for breakfast.

Enjoy and I am off to eat some eggs this morning.

Tracy x

Are all your bits together?

Sometimes different aspects of ourselves decide to do their own thing in our lives, taking us out of balance.

What does that mean?

You might have an ‘organized part’ of you that loves to get the jobs done, tick off the lists , plans, organizes and does.

There might be another part of you that is the a “play part”, who loves to have fun, play jokes, jump in puddles walk barefoot, be free as a bird.

Then there might be a ‘fearful part’ of you that worries about life, what people might think or who doubts their abilities.

We all have different aspects within us.  They all support us when in balance, but when one part takes over and is driving your bus their way, it can become uncomfortable and unhealthy.  You might even get a headache or feel sick.

So what do you do about it?

You need to have a ‘get together’ with all your parts – a parts party!

They need to introduce themselves and share their strengths – what they do for you.  They need to listen to each other, to hear what the other parts strengths are and what they do for you.

When that happens the integration begins.  As life goes on for you, each part can advise and guide you.  Then you can make the a balanced decision in how you act and react in each moment.

Let me introduce you to my 3 parts.

Shaman Tracy – wise seer and healer who works with nature

Earth Tracy – the physical me that lives in this natural world

Free Tracy – the young free girl in me that likes to have fun and be in touch with nature

We are learning to work together in balance… can do it too.

Enjoy Tracy xx