Lost – are the answers in the forest, the trees or the leaves?

There are times in our lives where we can feel lost. We can ask for help from our friends and special loved ones and they help us to find out where we are.

But there are also times when we can ask for help when we are lost and it feels like we are in the forest.  We can become so overwhelmed that now the only thing we see are the leaves.

Getting bogged down in the detail of situations can put you into a place that is not useful.

There is a way out  and you can find clarity.   Lets fly like the eagle and look at the forest.

The forest is like a map.

Maps are great because they give you the overview of a place. An in-car navigator can direct you down streets which are the leaves of the forest and direct from where you are to where you want to go.  Remember though the in-car navigator is still looking at the world from the overview, they are still looking at the forest.  They have zoomed in for your next step.

There can also be times we might be looking at the something in our life that is 6 months down the track and we dont know how we are going to get there.  In the forest that would be the trees.  But the route from where you are, to where you want to be is unclear.  Again it is about looking at your situation from the forest perspective and finding a track from where you are, to where you want to go.

Navigate through life, using the forest, the trees and the leaves because all aspects help us to move forward in balance and there is beauty and learning in really seeing the forest, the trees and the leaves.

Much love Tracy x

Is it easier to have an instant garden than to grow your own?

How many of us want things now?

I know I do at certain times in my life, especially when I am tired, sick of myself or impatient.

I was given an opportunity to do something this week, that was really important and worthwhile.  I would have been really pushed to get it done in the time frame in a quality way.   I was guided to I look at the situation this way.

Is it easier to have an instant garden or to grow your own from seedlings?

When people build a house they get two options, they can either get a landscaper in and do an instant garden or they do it themselves.  If they are impatient and they want their house completely done, they might pick the landscaper.  He/ She would come in, put in mature plants, grass paving etc and their garden could look like it has been there for 20 years.

What happens though, is that instant garden dies off after about a week, even just a little. Looks great for a couple of days but the garden doesn’t have the strength in its foundation. It could  be sustained, but it takes a lot of tending.

So should you take the time to plant your garden from seedlings, giving them time to grow roots, to grow with the sun and truly embed themselves in your soil?

With my situation I decided to take the time, plant the seedlings and not be rushed.  I want strength in my foundations and create something that will last.

What do you choose you in your life?

Enjoy Tracy x

Your words are your wand

Do you really listen to your words?

Words are so powerful.  They create and manifest things in your life (see my recent blog “Everything comes from a thought”.) They even help things along that you don’t want.  They create and continue the resistance.

Words are subtle, they pervade the corners of our life, they travel on the wind.   What do I mean by that?

I want you to think about any blockage or resistance you have in your life currently?  I am sure you have read or heard about, just the say that positive affirmation about that blockages and it will change.

It might change a bit, but the for the really hidden blockages in your life, you need to listen a little deeper.

We operate in many different contexts in our lives.  Some of the key contexts are: love (family relationships etc), career, purpose (we are doing something that’s important) and freedom (security, money etc).

Words that pervade the corners of our lives can create the resistance because, we say things in one context and they flow over into other areas of our lives or other contexts. Let me give you an example.

I met a friend yesterday.  She is creative and paints.  Her words to me yesterday were that she “just cant get into a creative space at home”.  Her long term blockage is about having a family and she has tried everything (or has she?)

Lets consider the words –

“I just cant get into a creative space at home”

This was about painting and it was also about having a baby.  To have a baby is an act of creation and your body is your home.

The original intention of the statement wasn’t about a baby, but our words can pervade other contexts of our lives and continue to maintain a blockage where we don’t need it.

With awareness of your words, you can have more of an effect on your life than you realize. So use your words as a wand.

Love and happiness to you all

Tracy xx