Are you a risk taker in your life?

With a title like “are you a risk taker in your life” sounds like, you jump out of planes,  you gamble on stocks, shares or even the horses, or you do things on a whim.

Risk taking means different things to different people.  For some people, taking risks might mean, meeting and dating someone on-line.   For another, risk taking might be, rock climbing with no ropes at Mt Arapiles.

Sometimes we are heading along in our lives, like taking a canoe trip down a river.   Early on the river doesn’t have a lot of flow about it, then the river begins to move faster, it may even become rapids and next minute you are heading towards the waterfall in your canoe.

Your level of risk has just increased and there is a point – the point of no return, where the only place to go is forward in the flow.

At this point in your life you are facing your risks.  For me it is where I face my fears and my regrets.  I say things like, I shouldn’t have done that, wished I had never come.  It is like I am sitting in the canoe on the edge of the waterfall with my hands gripping the sides of the river bank, as I fight against the flow of my life.

For anyone on the banks of the river looking at me, I would look pretty silly.  But to me, it makes perfect sense.  When I fight my fears and regrets, it manifests in me, by making me get sick or have a headache etc.

I need to turn the risk – my fears and regrets, into a journey of trust and love in myself.

You know when you have gone over the waterfall of life, there is a serenity and peace awaiting you at the bottom.

So take every stroke in your life with love and trust and enjoy the journey.

Tracy xx

Look at the world differently

As you know John and I like to go to visit Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane.   We find it rejuvenating to go, visit the animals and see the bird of prey show.

As we were walking around looking at the animals I noticed some unusual behaviours.

Firstly the emu walked putting his head on an unusual angle to look at the ground.

Secondly the joey in the kangaroo’s mothers pouch had his head on an unusal angle to look at the ground

Thirdly the Cassowary put his head on an usual angle to look at the ground, similar to that of the emu.

I began thinking as I ate my packed lunch and sipped my tea, what were the animals trying to tell me?  If I put myself in their shoes (shapeshifted) and looked at the world as they had, they were telling me to look at life differently.

By looking at the world differently, new opportunities can be seen, new wisdom can be gained and old ways of habitually seeing things are gone.  So I began to see my world differently and  the potentiality of that is extraordinary.

Messages are everywhere in your life, it is just a matter of noticing them and gaining the wisdom from them.

Enjoy Tracy xx

Are you caught in the fridge?

I went to make fresh mint tea this morning.   I got the mint out of the fridge and began picking the leaves for the tea pot.  Surprisingly a little green frog fell out of the bunch of mint.  As I looked at his lifeless body, I felt quite devastated that this poor little frog had come to its end in my fridge in the bunch of mint.

I began planning where I could lay him rest.  A glimmer of life caught my eye, his arm moved.  I turned him over, got some water and took him out to my pot plant garden.   I put some water on the garden and went to place him down.  He became quite alive.  Excited at the thought he had been reborn or at least revived, I put him down in the garden where he promptly decided to get out of the pot and go somewhere else.

It got me thinking about his situation:

  • Did the frog choose to go into the mint paddock?
  • Did the frog accidently get caught in the mint being picked?
  • Did the frog choose his circumstances and could he choose to get out of them?

Sometimes we choose the circumstances we find ourselves in life.  Sometimes life chooses the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Sometimes we need a new perspective to get out of both.

Circumstances where we might feel trapped, shut down or tired, are times for reflection about:

  • who we are
  • why we are here
  • what do we need to do

It about quietly taking the time to absorb those lessons so that we learn and grow, to be who we really are and when your ready, a new perspective will help guide you out of the cold.  Thank you to the little green frog for your wisdom and perspective this morning.

Enjoy  Tracy xx

The gift

In life we all have difficult periods.  I for one have had few, we are all human aren’t we?

Some of those experiences I had packaged up in box and put them (metaphorically speaking) in the back of my cupboard, not to be talked about. Over the years I have done a lot of personal healing on myself and I had dealt with that issue, but it was in the box none the less.

I received a phone call out of the blue from a person I had not spoken to in 20 years.  This person said “no hard feelings…..”.  I realised that I had put a time capsule in the box in the back of the cupboard.  This time capsule, held moments, emotions and situations from an era long past.

As this boxed was opened, I realised life had moved on.  Nothing stands still and I had been hanging onto it ‘like it was 1965’.  With that relevation in mind that time, people and situations have all changed, I let go of it all.  I was really grateful.

My whole life came back into fullness and I remembered the joy of my life.

So thank you for the gift I was given through that phone call.


Do you have any time capsule boxes in the back of your cupboard?

Bring them out, look at them from the view point of 2012, are they true today?

Let them go, be whole.  You deserve it.

Tracy xx