Are you to independent to ask for help?

I have liked to achieve things on my own.  It has given me over the years a real sense of achievement and a feeling of success.  By not asking for help, it has actually made my life more difficult than it needed to be.

Why do we do these things to ourselves?  Is it because we want the recognition?  Is it because we were brought up with beliefs like:

  • you have to make it on your own, or
  • your weak if you ask for help.

I got to thinking about this, because it is not only me, that doesn’t like to ask for help.  I see it in others.  We are forced to swallow our pride to get some help.  There is an exception for most of us, we do ask for help from the people that are close to us.

So let’s think about asking for help a little differently.   Let’s think about it as, a process of co-creation.

When I make a meal, I am co creating with the food.  I cant make a meal without food, so I really need the foods help.

I am a qualified chef so I don’t use recipes very often (only for baking, because you need a recipe for that) but for those of you who do use recipes to make a meal, you are co-creating with food and the author of the recipe.  Your getting help.  Like the picture above, I am co-creating with the food to make a meal for my Dad.  I am helping my Dad.

When I write this blog, I am being inspired by an aspect of life that I feel is important to share and so I am co-creating with a divine source to write down my inspirations to help others bring balance into their lives.  I am being helped and I am helping others.

How much easier would life be, if we all asked for help when we needed it. You know you cant make a baby without help…..!!

A coffee with friends sharing ideas, is an act of co-creation. They are helping you get clear about what to do and you are helping them.

So stop being independent and ask to co-create your life, it will flow so much easier if you do.

Enjoy Tracy xx


Bring and do only that which you need

We are brought up in society that says you need a large screen TV and every gadget that makes your life easier.  A new this, a bigger that, it is a never ending cycle.  The TV endorses those messages saying you will be cool or sophisticated, if you buy this, healthy if you have that and even find love.

But do you?

John and I have just been away camping for 4 days.  On one side of our campsite was a couple who described their tent and the Taj Mahal.  They had the tent, a very big awning over the top of it, giving them a huge amount of shade of every side, it looked like a small house.  They had their bikes, chairs, table and even the kitchen sink.

On the other side of us was the family of four.  They had the pop out 4 room tent from the trailer, carpet on the floor, table and chairs, extra chairs, the kids bikes, other bikes, a home away from home.

Here was John and I with our modest 4 person tent, (we do like a little room for the bags inside) with vestibule.  2 chairs, a table to prepare food on and trekking metho camp stove.  We had all that we needed and no more.  Our camping life is simple, I make delicious 1 pot stews that we love.

Have you ever been to the airport and see how many bags people can travel with?  My guides have said to me “bring only that which you need”.  Nomadic tribal people did just that.  They took no more than they could carry.

It is sound advice that I follow.  If you life is simple your needs can be met and you are easily happy.

This all sounds simple, but I still trip myself up sometimes in different contexts

An opportunity came up.  At first I said I didn’t need to take that opportunity.  That is when the dilemma started……I wanted it.

I spent an enormous amount of time in my head trying to work out why I should go.  This indecision of yes to go, no I don’t need it became inner turmoil.  Inner turmoil becomes digestion blockages, bowel blockages, liver blockages.  OMG.

Once I realized this, with the help of my husband and a mentor, I went into my heart and asked myself again.  What did I need?  Not what did I want.

I also realized that when I asked what I needed, I was coming from my heart.

When I asked what I wanted I was in my head.

We can justify lots of thing in our heads but not every opportunity is what we need.  So with that gone and the lesson learnt again differently.  I went back to my simple camping life.  I know in the future to only undertake decisions that are what I need.

So bring and do only that which you need in the whole of you life.  It is always from the heart.

Tracy xx

What is the PH level of your soil?

Is stuff happening in your life that you don’t want or is your life happening exactly how its meant to?  Read on if you answered yes to the first part of the question!

I recently met a wonderful lady ‘Cheryl’ who went to Uganda to work with women and she asked them what their vision was.  “They wanted to know the acid/alkaline balance or ph of their soil. This would enable them increase its fertility; grow more and different crops; gain access to markets, with the end result being an increase in their income to pay school fees for their children.” (Cheryl August 2012)”

It got me thinking, what is the PH level in the soil of my life?  Do I have toxic things in my life that don’t allow me to grow and be the person I want and am meant to be.

I recognised negative emotions make me toxic. So I asked myself this question –

“What is in my life that emotionally stirs me up?”

  •  Sorry but I had some people in my life that trigger emotions that stir me up
  • I had some food choices that emotionally stir me up
  • I make choices and then do things that emotionally stir me up

So I got rid of those things.

  • I unfriended myself from some people on facebook, I removed myself from groups and associations that I no longer resonate with.  I felt lighter.
  • I decided to continue not to drink caffeine and have herbal teas instead. I also chose not to eat potato chips.  I felt lighter.
  • I made some choices about letting go of some the goals and expectations I had placed on myself that are just not right in my life right now.  I felt lighter.

The PH level in my soil changed.  Life began to feel better, flow more and things came to me easily.

Keeping the PH level in my soil is an ongoing process because life happens around us, to us and with us.  Make sure the thoughts, words, choices and actions are improving the PH level of your soil every moment.

You will be surprised at how your life will flow and what sort of things will grow over a lifetime.

Enjoy Tracy xx