Game of life

Who has played monopoly?  I have.  It’s a great game and a time honoured classic.  Trying to buy Park Lane and Mayfair, or a railway station or two, building houses and hotels picking up chance cards along the way, paying debts and collecting $200 as you pass “Go”.

The ‘game of life’ is just like playing monopoly.   We start at “Go” and are born.   We journey round the board, growing up, going to school, getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, until we get back to “Go” and collect our $200 and  start all over again in a new phase in our lives.  This phase might be, get a job, get married, buy a home, have kids, pay debts until we get back to “Go” and collect our $200 and then start all over again in another new phase in our lives.

A spiritual journey is exactly the same as playing monopoly.  We start at “Go” and we go in search of ourselves.  Along the way we collect, knowledge, skills, money and material possessions. Things that we believe are important to us.   Along the way we also pay the price for taking on beliefs, attitudes and rules that do and don’t serve ourselves.  But the question of a spiritual journey is, did we find ourselves?

Eventually what happens on a spiritual journey, is we begin to play the ‘game of life’ based on who we are, our authentic selves, not what others want us to be.  As we journey around the board with this mindset, we take off the layers that we have put on to protect ourselves.  We take off the masks to hide what we believe.   We speak our truth.  We get back to “Go” and realize that we have always been ourselves. We just didn’t know it, act it or believe it.

We now trust in ourselves, believe in ourselves and act and speak our truth.

When we get back to “Go” to collect our $200,  we find that we are now living a simpler life, taking only that which we need.  Meaning that $200 goes so much further than it ever did.  Simpler needs mean it is far easier to be happy and whole in your life.

So do you really believe in who you are?

Do you speak your truth in every moment of your life?

Are you wearing any masks that you hide behind?

Do you compromise your life for the sake of others?


An alternate way to think, feel and be, that may be more useful for you, is ask yourself in every moment in your ‘game of life’;

  • Is this right for me?
  • Is this what I need?
  • Am I happy?

You cannot be of service to others, until you are of service to yourself.

Are you being who you really are in every moment of your life?

Authentically me – Tracy xx