Making life palatable

As a young girl growing up, my mother insisted on serving me peas for dinner.  She kindly only gave me about 20 at a time.  I would do everything I could to hide them under my knife and fork, so as not to eat them.  I’ve never found peas palatable.  Their texture and mouth feel have always, even to this day, made me gag.

There are many things in our lives that we resist or don’t want to swallow.   They can be thoughts, beliefs attitudes, advice, choices, even people and their behaviours.  Sometimes when we do take them in, they may us sick and we wished we hadn’t gone down that path.

As the shaman I choose to make all aspects of my life palatable.  Life will flow through me, over me and around me with joy.

So how do I do that?

Here is the tip, I make everything palatable by the “labels” I put on things.

Peas are labeled as a “food I don’t like”.   If I label peas as a “medicine shield paint”, peas become palatable and I embrace them in my life in a way that I can consume.  Here is how I used split green peas, black eye peas and red kidney beans in a “medicine shield paint” palatable way. I loved doing this and working with those “peas”.

On occasions I will right down the items that are creating resistance in my life and I re-label them into things that are palatable in my life.  There is always higher purpose or reason for the thing that is presenting in my life.   When I recognize that and re-label it, I let go of my resistance to it and life becomes palatable.

Taste your life in unique ways and enjoy.


Sacred spiral – what spins you out

In tribal cultures they talk about a ‘sacred spiral’.   Dancing or moving into the centre means, moving to the core of who you are, your soul, into your power.  Moving out in the spiral means, you have allowed your fears or doubts to overtake you.

Yesterday I made a turtle shaped rattle.  I hand painted the shell on the back.  I was quite proud of my efforts, as I am by no means Picasso.   I decided to share it with my friends on facebook.  Interestingly, other people loved it and I had 2 people say, if I made anymore they would buy them.

This morning I awoke between 4 and 5am.  I had had a dream that had made me tense, with a pain in the neck.  This was not useful.

As I lay in bed, I recapped the dream, there were 3 components:

  • I was with a number of people who had to go a do a task in a big city, my first thought I was going to get attacked or mugged as I had seen someone loitering
  • Then I was worried I did not have enough money (you needed a certain amount and I had to go an get some out of the bank)
  • The last part of the dream I was on my friends farm, I had to stay at the farm whilst everyone else went out and worked.  I felt useless.  Then I saw a really strange amazing animal.   At first I thought it was an eagle.  The feathers turned into fur.  As I looked more closely it out to be a cross between a giraffe, llama and a monkey.

As I lay in bed I realised that each of the 3 parts of my dream were about fears or doubts I had about myself and expectations of myself.

I had spun myself out of my sacred spiral and I was feeling tense.

For the shaman in the city, dreams are rich information, about what is going on and what you need to be.

Looking at the dream as a whole the message I recognised was,

  • Parts of me that I think are useful (worry and fear) may not be.
  • Parts of me that I think are useless (not working like everyone else but experiencing other things) may be useful.

Another message of the dream was:

  • Letting go of my fears allows me to communicate through my heart. (I gathered this message from the last part of the dream about feathers turning into fur)  Feathers are about the element of air and communication. Fur means to me, opening my heart.

The last part of the dream message was about the shamanic animal totem meaning of the combined, eagle, giraffe, llama and monkey.   They represent:

  • Creating and expressing offerings to others, through my working with nature and animals

Recognising how and why we spin out of our sacred spiral, allows us the choice to let go of those things and move back into the centre.

Moving back to the centre

Tracy x

Creation: A process of healing through medicine making

When creating something, whether it is sewing a new outfit, cooking a beautiful meal, or even creating a medicine tool, you are bringing new things or ways of being into your life.  It will also mean letting go of things, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you anymore.

I love creating and medicine shield making is one way I create.   It is a process that takes time.  I may find a beautiful stick on a walk that talks to me and invites me to pick it up and bring it home.  That stick may sit on my balcony or in the lounge room for months till one day, I have a flash of inspiration, of what I am meant to do with it.

A picture will form in my head about what I am meant to do.  I will ponder and perturbate that thought, knowing that the creation process has begun.

This stick (shown in the picture below)  appeared to be a person that wanted wings.  As the thoughts churned around in my mind, I thought it could be an angel, but alas no, that was not meant to be.  My creative connection decided it would be a bat.

As soon as I know my creative idea has crystalised, I get a sense of urgency.  I must create this now.  Nothing else matters.  So with excitement and passion I go about the creation process for making a medicine shield.

For this shield, I first cut out templates for the bat wings.  I then commence assembling the medicine shield.

I break rules when I create things. I let go of the, should’s, must do’s, have to’s and just allow what is happening.

I allow the medicine shield to come alive with each step of the creating.  I tension the leather wings onto the stick.

I love to use nature, food, or any natural item I can, to create my vision and in this case the vision of the bat.   Here I have used lentils to create the bat wing forelimbs.

Lastly when I feel it is done.  I birth the medicine shield with my drum, bringing it to life with the heart beat of mother earth and because I have given birth to this creation, it is a part of me.

So this bat medicine shield shamanically signifies rebirth.  At this point in my life I was rebirthing into a new way of being.  I had let go of old ways of living, acting and reacting.  The medicine shield signifies my personal journey.  It is healing me, it is allowing me to grow and evolve.

Anything that you create is allowing you to heal, grow and evolve.  So go and create something, a meal, a beautiful posy of flowers, create anything and experience that beautiful healing of creation.

Nature’s Totem Pole

Trees catch my attention no matter where I go.

I have a few favourite trees on my walks.  Trees that have spoken to me and given me gifts of sticks for the medicine I make in the form of: medicine shields, dream catchers and wands, all of which are healing tools.

Today a tree caught my eye.  I loved the way the bark of the tree spiraled up the trunk.  The spiraling gives it is strength to withstand the elements of its life.  When anything catches my eye, I take a picture so that I can share it.  I capture the moment.

What I did notice in this tree this morning was a face at the bottom of it.  The smiling face of the tree spirit.   Then as I looked more, I began to notice the natural totem that appeared in this tree. Here is what I saw from the bottom moving up, a bat, smiling mans face, boar, snake and lastly a seahorse.

Totem poles were monument carvings in trees by indigenous groups.   They were known to recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events.

No tribe carved nature’s totem pole, it has just grown naturally in this tree and luckily for me, today I saw it.

As I look for the message and the meaning behind me noticing nature’s totem pole today, I will consider the symbols in their sequence from the totem pole, to each shape I saw.   Here is the message from nature’s totem pole today:

  • Today is an important day for you.  Remember to treasure every day as a gift.
  • Sometimes we need to rebirth ourselves, as we have taken on beliefs, attitudes and things that don’t serve us anymore.
  • Enjoy every day and be happy.
  • Be strong.
  • Allow things in your life that don’t serve you, to pass through you, without affecting you.
  • Integrate the wisdom within.

I hope you find this as powerful a message as I did today.

Tracy xx

Is it exercise or a nature walk?

For years I have been going for a walk in the mornings and afternoons.

Initially before I became the shaman, my focus was, time, pace, length of walk, rate of sweating, burning calories and acknowledging other walkers on the track.

But that all changed.

As the shaman in the city, I now notice the colours, sounds, animals, trees and rocks on my walk.  The walk has now become slower.  I pick up feathers, look at the clouds in the sky, watch the sunrise with its beautiful rays.  Touch the trees, see their bark and their unique characteristics.  I have begun naming areas on my walk such as sacred grove, fairy grass and the forest.

Today I was up early.   Early enough to see the suns rays coming up from the horizon and a song popped into my head.  “Little ray of sunshine, has come into the world” (by Brian Cadd).  I captured the sunrise moment with my Iphone, see the picture at the top of this post.

As I threw 3 frangipani flowers into the river to give thanks for the beautiful day and for my gifts, I also asked for clarity on my journey.  I then proceeded to take my shoes off an walk in the crisp grass as I continued on my morning nature walk, remember I live in an apartment, so I have no grass to stand on.

The wisdom of today’s journey was, I am exercising not only my body but my mind and my spirit.  Whatever captures my attention is my connection to the spirit in everything.  The spirit of sunrise reminded me that each day we are born a new, just like the little ray of sunshine that comes into the world.

Enjoy the day Tracy